Mer-Maiden Mother New Moon July 14

by M. Kelley Hunter
PO Box 37
St. John, VI 00831



Featuring the art of Warwick Goble, 1862-1943, see links below for resources
[Above: Bathe in Me, Mother and Child]
[here: She Took Up the Jewel in Her Hand]

The New Moon on July 14 is a gentle Cancer Moon linked in a vibrant way to Neptune, God of the Sea–a Mer-maiden Mother Moon? What did I just write? Is there cosmic confirmation for this whimsy of inspiration? Yes! the Sabian symbol for this New Moon at 22 degrees Cancer is:


Master Astrologer Dane Rudhyar interpreted this degree as, “A longing to live life as a great adventure. The compelling power of all sustained desire and of the dreaming of dreams.”

NEPTUNE IS THE DREAMER In Aquarius, we are dreaming potentially collective dreams, or community dreams, in our day and night dreams. Live Earth last weekend was one such dream. The many potent gratitude and healing meditations in which many of us are participating are also in this dream category. Mermaids are obviously in this category. We are on a collective grand adventure in this current renaissance and quantum shift The global paradigm evolves through re-imagining our world in response to our experience, heading toward 2012. “I and Thou,” in relation to All That Is.

MOON MANSIONS are the 27 asterisms that the Moon visits each night in its waxing and waning. The Moon Mansion that set the pace this month is that of THE LIGHT BRINGER or the STAR OF RENEWAL. It is one of the most auspicious.

This Cancer New Moon sees a significant shift in quality of the feminine energy. We have our Mer-maiden Mother, the Venus High Priestess-Queen moving into Virgo—and BLACK MOON LILITH moving into Scorpio until next spring, a dark goddess sign of deep mysteries and cosmic secrets. In her cosmic shimmy, Black Moon Lilith is hard to measure—as in sub-atomic physics: is it a particle or a wave? Lilith is both and neither, all and nothing! “I am the substance and the one who has no substance,” as She said in the Gnostic Gospels.


[Warwick Goble: Zenobia, Queen of Palmyria]

Our mermaid this month is a mature mermaid, not a wishy-washy, whimsical type. She is a Cancer mer-maiden mother. Venus adds to our feminine flavor with a close connection to Saturn. This combination suggests emotional maturity, quality and long-lasting relationship. If you look to the sky within an hour after sunset, you will find the Evening Star consorting with the royal star, Regulus. We are honored to entertain the Queen of the Mermaids as she steps into the sign of Virgo. The Virgin Venus is the high priestess who dwells in the temple of her Earth body, contemplating as did the Virgo Christian Holy Mother when Christ was born:
“Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart” (Luke, 2:19).

There is a contemplative quality to this Moon cycle that witnesses the turning back of Venus toward the Sun. In a few weeks, Venus will be setting with the Sun, the goddess descending to the Underworld to be renewed in the light of the Sun. Venus goes retrograde on July 27, inaugurating 40 days and 40 nights of emotional alchemy and re-evaluation. The extraordinarily aesthetic of Venus describes a pentangle around the zodiac in an 8-year cycle. We experience the same retrograde cycle of Venusian alchemy every 8 years. Look back to August-September 1999, 1991, 1983 and so on, to consider emotional/relational themes of this particular cycle in your life.

It was on June 24 that Venus touched in to the degree where she will return on her inner journey—17 Leo. She will turn forward, dancing and twirling on this degree, September 4-13. You might take a moment now to remember that date in June and mark your calendar for that week in September. Venus connects with Saturn three times in this cycle, circling the Royal Star, and cris-crossing the bridge from Leo to Virgo. Interestingly, this was the gateway opened by a rare stellium (multiple group) of planets at the Harmonic Convergence, August 16-17, 1987.
Saturn brings into form through graceful Venus, most beautifully when honoring Nature’s way. Nature’s Law of Attraction indicates that what manifests is based on mental-emotional vibration, otherwise known as the electro-magnetic field.

Here is sequence of the whole Venus cycle:

June 24—at 16 Leo 36 Sabian symbol:
Community gatherings of shared interests, joy and celebration. “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands!” (Psalms)
July 1 – conjunct Saturn at 22+ Leo
July 14 – enters Virgo
July 28- turns retrograde at 3 Virgo Sabian Symbol:
TWO ANGELS BRING PROTECTION TO FAMILY IN THE WILDERNESS. There is divine protection as we head into unfamiliar territory.
August 9 – back into Leo
August 12 – conjunct Saturn (with a whole party of planets) at 28 Leo
September 8-9—turns direct at 16 Leo 36
October 8 – enters Virgo
October 14 – conjunct Saturn at 5 Virgo Sabian symbol:
IRISHMAN DREAMS OF “LITTLE PEOPLE” BENEATH A TREE. Nature spirits are lively, interested, involved and evolving in Earth’s current energy shift.


[Warwick Goble: King Shantanu Meets Ganga the Goddess and
She Becomes His First Queen]

This Moon is not all contemplation. Mars, the Warrior, dynamically activated by Chiron, becomes the spiritual warrior and is heading for Kingship, as indicated by its approaching challenge from Saturn. Are you ready for responsible action? Mars in Taurus is conjunct Ceres, the Earth Goddess. So we have a significant theme here of the powerful male energy honoring the Earth in enduring acts of courage and long term consequences. Who on the global stage will embody this archetypal warrior?

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