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And forget not that the Earth delights to feel your bare feet
and the Winds long to play with your hair. ~Kahlil Gibran

THE GEMINI NEW MOON on June 14-15 inaugurates another electrifying month, as the Sun-Moon interact with Uranus, the highly charged change agent. AND, with a truly Gemini double-dose, it pulls in Pluto from across the sky, and plunges us into deep eddies of transformation.

Sabian symbols are images that dwell in each degree of the zodiac.
At 24 degrees Gemini, the Sabian Symbol message for this New Moon reads:
Keyword: appreciation, finding fun and delight in all opportunities.
As Joni Mitchell sings it:

Wish I had a river so long I would teach my feet to fly
Oh I wish I had a river I could skate away on

MERCURY goes RETROGRADE (seemingly backwards) hours after the Moon is new. This happens at 12 degrees Cancer, in zodiac alignment with the bright blue-white star, Sirius, said to be headquarters for guidance groups, like the White Brotherhood and the wisdom ancestors of Peruvian Lake Titicacans. This Mercury cycle of introspection offers rich inner guidance, as we reflect and contemplate what we need, what the world needs. Isn’t there a song like that? “What the world needs now is love, sweet love.”

Interestingly, Mars goes retrograde at this same point in mid-October and through into April 2008. This is a zodiac hot spot! Anyone born the first week in July is going to particularly feel this activity by both planets, including the U.S.A. Anybody with Moon in mid-Cancer will feel it and give birth to new options. The generational groups with outer planets in Cancer will be called upon to contribute:

Pluto in Cancer, particularly those born 1916-1926. Also Saturn in Cancer, August 1973-May 1976. And this will be a profound time for the very special group born with the Capricorn cluster from 1988-1993.(see ASTRO-SPECIAL below)

This process is overseen by Sirius, the brightest and one of the hottest stars we see. For Egyptians it is the star of Isis, the Great Goddess often pictured Madonna-like holding her child. The Sabian Symbol or 12 Cancer reflects this: A CHINESE WOMAN NURSING A BABY HALOED BY DIVINE LIGHT. Mercury retrograde retreats to nurse and nurture, to consider what will most feed our souls, what is needed personally and globally. Mercury comes back to finish this circle of contemplation on July 24. Then the Mars retrograde cycle indicates a time to reconsider how to move forward on insights that are born from the inner questioning of Mercury, retreating to tend to home fires and regrouping in our response for continuing growth. More thoughts on that as the time approaches.

Meanwhile a planetary FIRE TRIANGLE urges and surges with action, with Mars in Aries until June 24, connecting with Saturn in Leo and Jupiter AND Pluto, in Sagittarius. We are experiencing a potent current of life force, Mars, Saturn and Pluto hold hands and dance around the Moon. The Hindu Pluto is Shiva, Lord of the Dance. He is surrounded by flames, of light and power. Pluto in Sagittarius is at the degree of the zodiac that leads to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, sending terribly important messages our way. This Gemini New Moon translates them. The News Reporter or Town Crier of the Zodiac, Gemini will use all the media to get this new news out here may be major revelations of global import. Important people will be involved. Powerful interpersonal connections are both made and broken, on both individual and political levels. Greg Palast and John Perkins both have books out that educate us on the subversive activities of the global..ncorporatocracy and the American “empire” (look on Amazon). Jessica Murray offers insight in her new book which interprets the chart of the USA: Soul-Sick Nation: An Astrologer’s View of America.” http://www.mothersky.com/book-announcement4.html

A second TRIANGLE in AIR SIGNS is made by the New Moon in Gemini harmonizing with Chiron/Neptune in Aquarius and the Black Moon in Libra for highly esoteric dynamic. The two planetary triangles make a six-pointed..nstar woven of fire and air. Let me introduce these players and then we’ll imagine possibilities. We need to infuse this star with love to support its power.

CHIRON, the Quantum Shape-Shifter, and NEPTUNE, the Dreamer, are both retrograde, evoking inner spaces and unusual places. We are all downloading information coming in through the cosmic airwaves, like a psychic system upgrade. Asking for spiritual help through prayer or meditation, taking extra quiet time or sleep can help smooth the highly-wired nervous system���our own and the Earth’s. Community is a keyword in Aquarius, one of the most significant spiritual activities is creation of community on personal, local and global levels.

BLACK MOON LILITH is an esoteric point intimately involved with the gravitational dance of the Sun-Moon relationship, heightened on any new moon. In Libra, Black Moon augurs an underlying current of soul connections, picking up the threads of significant relationship activity on a deep level that seeks to balance out the karma between people. Black Moon channels dakini energy.

DAKINI is the cosmic feminine sky dancer of Tibetan Buddhism, a personal link to a wider perspective of reality beyond the normal realm of consciousness. Dakini manifests through dreams, visions and encounters. Different than the psychological anima, as Jung called the inner feminine aspect, dakini is beyond rational interpretation. Dakini is as inconceivable as the universe or the most personal inner workings of our secret selves. The illumination she brings is essentially spiritual. She will assume whatever form is necessary to take us beyond the delusion, confusion and illusion of our mental concepts of what we think life is���whatever it takes to “blow our minds”.

In Dakini’s Warm Breath, Judith Simmer-Brown names several levels through which dakini operates. The dakini’s outer-outer aspect can manifest through an encounter, most often with a woman but also a male, acting as a wisdom teacher in some experiential way. This can be a teacher, a lover, a stranger. The outer aspect of the dakini moves in the energetic passageways of the subtle body, the channels and networks through which consciousness moves
in interrelated vibrational patterns throughout the physical body. She moves through the “winds” of the body, the way prana or life force, circulates, particularly relevant during our current esoteric air triangle. This outer aspect also involves the internal male-female, shiva-shakti, yang-yin energy and its active expression in both men and women, reminding us of the important relationship dynamics suggested by this New Moon.

The inner aspect of dakini is expressed through images and symbols in the imagination that stimulate spiritual awareness. These images nurture subjective visionary experience in meditative states which awaken the wisdom-mind of the practitioner, aided this month by the Chinese Madonna of our Mercury retrograde cycle. The fourth aspect is a secret one, dakini’s dance of emptiness that unravels any concept to reveal ultimate awareness and the open nature of the mind. “Emptiness is not mere blankness but a mode of being, in which manifestation arises freely, never compromising the power of emptiness.” That’s something to aspire to���a fresh take on our lives, empty of preconceptions, open to new possibilities. If you feel like you are losing your mind, don’t worry���be happy. That’s all we know and all we need to know. Happiness is an incredibly magic-producing state of being.

This New Moon also features a MYSTIC RECTANGLE, a shape formed by 90 degree angles–constructive energy brought into manifestation. In Astrology, the mystic rectangle is formed by smooth-flowing angles–trines (120 degrees) and sextiles (60 degrees) — rather than the challenging 90 degree angles that present challenge and require effort. At best, the mystic rectangle represents a manifestation of energy that proceeds from the mental-emotional into the physical without a lot of expenditure of effort. However, all corners of the rectangle need to be consciously “turned on” for this to happen.

This Mystic Rectangle is made of the powerful New Moon-Pluto opposition and the Saturn-Neptune opposition, our current tug-of-war between “real” and “ideal.” One of the main challenges of this year, Saturn and Neptune are redefining our reality, and are exactly opposite for the final time on June 25. To “turn-on” the higher octave planets of Pluto and Neptune is our job on this New Moon, as we each contribute to the evolution of human consciousness and the Earth through our personal work, releasing negative thinking and anxiety, being willing to allow the cosmic currents, the Great Spirit to guide the way.

MARS goes into TAURUS on June 24. We take action to ground the energy, focusing on plans and circumstances that offer long-term worth. During the last week of July, Mars will be demonstrate without question where we are with the potential for creating our dreams. In shamanic terms, “Life is as we dream it.” As much as we can wake up while we are dreaming, we can shape-shift a nightmare into an inspiring journey.

What is in store for you? The following messages are based on Sun signs, giving just a clue. For the full report, you need to take your whole planetary picture into account. In the meantime, some Gemini-type clues:

GEMINI���A time for powerful connections, meeting new people and severing certain relationships. Be curious, ask questions. Important information comes your way. Be careful how you pass it on.

CANCER���A Gemini New Moon with Mercury going retrograde in your sign signals an inward, reflective time. You consider and reconsider options and take your time to act on them.

LEO���Personal and community relationships bring a sense of responsibility as you question the long-term implications of what is going on with others in your life.

VIRGO���Career activity is on your mind. You are juggling more balls that you may like. Try rearranging your categories of thinking. Consult colleagues, consider friendly advice.

LIBRA���Natural at meeting people, your network can become increasingly global this month. You may be rethinking your professional status based on shifting circumstances among co-workers.

SCORPIO���Be the detective you are. Seek information and question motivations. Investigate financial matters concerning joint assets. Reposition investments. Think globally, act locally–with integrity.

SAGITTARIUS���You meet all kinds of new people, one or more highly significant for your future, in the short run or long-term. See how it plays out. You’ll know more by the end of July.

CAPRICORN���If you’ve been working too hard, this is definitely time to pull back. You need a break. Your loved ones need your attention and can offer support. Don’t let frustrations lead you to act rashly.

AQUARIUS���New options open up when you think outside the box. New learning and lots of news comes your way, exciting creativity. Children may be a focus. Team work is your forte.

PISCES���Your roller coaster ride continues, and this Moon cycle particularly indicates new direction in the flow. If you ignore the signs, change will hit you squarely between the eyes anyway.

ARIES���It’s a hot time in the old town tonight, with Mars in your sign. New ideas pop like fireworks. This New Moon fans the fire, but things calm down a bit when Mars goes into Taurus on the 24th.

TAURUS���Financial issues may be making you more nervous than usual. Money is a form of energy which is best circulated. Put more than two cents on a good deal, after you check it out.

ASTRO-SPECIAL through June: Cosmic update for those mentioned above impacted by the double retrograde cycle. 1 hour, $95.

Kelley Hunter, Ph.D., C.A.P., is an internationally-known astrologer and mythologist. Feature writer for The International Astrologer and author of Black Moon Lilith, she lectures and presents workshops in the U.S. and abroad. She lives in St. John, US Virgin Islands, where she is Astrologer-in -Residence with Self Centre International at Caneel Bay Resort. For consultation information, her travel schedule, or to be on the free Cosmic News e-mail list, contact her at kellhunter@earthlink.net or through her website: www.heliastar.com

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