by M. Kelley Hunter


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We start off the month of May with the FLOWER FULL MOON, on May 2. It is also the Buddha-Full Moon. Buddha is said to have been born, enlightened and died under this TAURUS/SCORPIO FULL MOON. The Sun is in Taurus, a sign that digs deep for long-term results and satisfaction. The Full Moon in Scorpio feels the passion and desire power that keeps us motivated.

This first week in May, look for the Moon near the bright red star, Antares, that marks the heart of the Scorpion. A red super-giant star, Antares is one of the older stars in the sky, the ones that will blow up into supernova sooner than later. These red superstars like Robert Redfords, Morgan Freemans or Judy Denschs of the star world–as opposed to the blue-white stars, the hot young stars, like Jennifer Hudsons or Jude Laws.

The powerful pattern of this Moon brings the fiery inspirations of the past month into form. Earth sign Taurus wants something to get hands on. A textured sign, one of Taurus’s big questions is “What is worth it in the long run?” This opposition of Sun and Moon makes a grand cross, a dynamic pattern of activity, with SATURN in LEO and CHIRON in AQUARIUS. We can feel a push-pull from all four directions, shaping manifestation. This is a time to be productive, with loving responsibility (Saturn in Leo) and magic circles (Chiron in Aquarius).

Chiron’s magic is the shamanic kind that aligns each moment in a spiritual context. It can feel like there is something just glittering out there –or in there—just on the verge of manifestation. Have you been experiencing a layering of time and space–events, people or feelings from your past overlay the present? It can be disorienting, but also offers a multi-level awareness of the meaning of your life, as cycles come back around and connections are seen, illuminating the essence of your life, offering healing and wholing. This awareness can evoke a quantum shift, the Chironic kind.

It’s a matter of turning the dial, shape-shifting your own energy Chiron’s presence suggests “be here now,” the only place we can be. Even with all these time-space overlays, it is all happening now. Even if you remember what happened before, it is happening now because you are bringing it back. You are wasting a lot of energy and probably creating anxiety in your system if you are not being present to the fullness of this moment.

With Venus ruling Taurus and Mars ruling Scorpio, they each have something important to say on this Full Moon. These two personal emotional planets are hanging out with planets of profound transformation—Mars with Uranus/ Venus with Pluto. Mars and Venus are not in a smooth phase, suggesting emotional waves, of anxiety, frustration or restlessness, conflicted feelings. We may have to work a little harder to feel good and in the groove. This can be very motivating for creative activities. It can also be sexy. Shaky relationships might not make it through the month.

The MAR/URANUS conjunction in PISCES is still in play, with stormy weather on the physical and psychic planes. Exact over this past weekend, this electrified energy has an unmistakable charge to it. That this pair of planets is also connecting to the North Node of the Moon, a point that augurs significant turning points in the collective destiny, the potentials are heightened for revolution, accidents, aggression and, best of all, consciousness shift. Look for a upgrade in activity on the psychic internet. Astrologer Greg Bogart (author of Astrology and Meditation and other books) wrote a very fine piece about it. Here is some of what he has to say:

“Mars-Uranus is a symbol of forces that cannot be easily tamed or subjugated. It is the power of nature, the power of change. With Mars-Uranus in Pisces, feel a magnetic spiritual life force guiding your steps, and strive to become, in your own small or great ways, a force and vehicle for change. We can all exercise a creative influence on our collective destiny. Mars-Uranus is expressed through acts of freedom, individuation, activation of our inner potentials and dynamism. Now is a time to awaken, to exercise our freedom, to express our spiritual and..nemotional vitality. Don’t blink, the light is being revealed to all of us.” Thank you, Greg, for this inspiration.

Venus, so bright in the post-sunset sky, is flirting with Pluto and Jupiter, across the chart. VENUS is in GEMINI, a sign that says the mor the merrier. Jupiter is fun, flirty and merry. Pluto is not. This emotionally intense aspect with Pluto, exact on Sunday, May 6, sets up powerful relationship dynamics that require attention and intention.

With the Sun now in her sign, Venus has a strong say. Venus is in Gemini until May 8, when she enters the sign of Cancer. In mythology, Venus is the goddess of love, of beauty and the arts. The Law of Attraction, one of the most important universal laws, is Venus’s domain. What you attract into your life is affected by how you are feeling about yourself and about ife. Feelings of appreciation, gratitude, goodwill and love go a long way in making your life more satisfying, enriched. What is Venus saying to you? Here are some clues based on your Sun sign. Nibble these little treats like bites of chocolate, lightly. And you might want to check out what sign your Venus is in.

To TAURUS—Be open to new options, listen to other people’s ideas. This is not a time to be stubborn-minded, but practical.

To GEMINI—You may feel like dancing up a storm. If you like emotional drama, this is a time. If not, let your partner know what is going on.

To CANCER—Come away from the daily fray. Imagine new strategies that will improve your work life. You’ll love the sweet feeling of Venus in your sign starting May 8.

To LEO—Work time and party time—you need them both. Spending time with friends can bring enriching, heart-happy experiences, even when helping loved ones through tough times.

To VIRGO—Such excitement, it’s hard to know what to do first. Set your emotional meter toward the best outcome, toss out what doesn’t feel good, and you’ll calm your nerves.

To LIBRA—Venus rules your sign, too. You can improve your life via networking, new ideas and making quality choices about who your spend time.

To SCORPIO—It’s your Moon, with potential emotional extremes. Your energy can smooth out relationship dynamics and financial issues – or else. It’s up to you.

To SAGITTARIUS—You are like a thoroughbred race horse heading toward the finish line. Make sure you are enjoying the run. You’ll feel better when you get there.

To Capricorn—Your daily schedule is not entirely in your control, so relax and be delighted by special moments. Commune with nature.

To Aquarius—Possibilities abound. Consider what you can handle and which options will bring the most long-term reward.

To Pisces—Go with the flow, inviting the beautiful best. Your energy can be charged up or frustrated. Ride the rough waves with your natural grace and there can be lovely surprises.

To ARIES—So many ideas have sparked. Follow up and see which ones sprout like seeds in fertile soil. Things heat up again later this month.

ASTRO-SPECIAL: for fixed sign people experiencing the power of this Full Moon—that’s Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius. One hour, $95.

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