May Astrology

MAY 2007

by Michele Karen

Dearest Friends

Kindly note that the days and times given below are in PDT (Pacific Daylight Saving Time). For the East Coast add 3 hours, etc…

Jupiter is retrograde this whole month still, between 19 and 16º Sagittarius. A month still of strict personal honesty, of living ethically and walking our talk. In the Sabian Symbols, these three degrees are symbolized respectively by “Pelicans menaced by the behavior and refuse of men, seek safer areas for bringing up their young”, ” Children playing on the beach, their heads protected by sunbonnets”, “An Easter sunrise service draws a large crowd”. We are asked to be environmentally responsible and become even more aware of how our behavior is affecting also other forms of life. As we express more of our playfulness and innocence, we find ourselves also protected. And as we tune more into the cosmic dimension of our lives and associate with like-spirited people, a new light is emerging, the light of dawn, of renewal, of a new creation that will inspire more and more of humanity to join into the creation of the new society, of the new Earth. When we live in alignment with our higher self, our fervor and enthusiasm are magnets that draw other people to the light that shines through us. This is now what is demanded of us in this magical process of Ascending.

Neptune turns retrograde on May 24 at 22º Aquarius and will remain so until October 31st (when it will have reached 19º Aquarius). This particular degree is symbolized by “A rug is placed on the floor of a nursery to allow children to play in comfort and warmth”. Spiritually, we are being tremendously taken care of from other dimensions. There is a cushion of safety around us, leading us securely to the next level in our consciousness. It is a soft and nurturing process that unravels naturally and progressively. We are being honored in our “growing-up” process. Nothing is forced upon us that hasn’t been presented to us in a way that allows us to accept it or refuse it, in respect of our freewill. In that feeling of comfort, we can relax, and happily explore our creativity, knowing that we are protected. A huge downloading of information occurs during our sleep. There is a subtle, yet powerful tearing away of the barriers keeping us from the wisdom that we are being guided into remembering from within. We are being re-awakened to our true, divine mastery.

Pluto is still retrograde this whole month at 29º-28º Sagittarius. These two degrees are symbolized in the Sabian Symbols by “A fat boy mowing the lawn of his house on an elegant suburban street” and “An old bridge over a beautiful stream is still in constant use”. No matter how far we seem to have developed away from our divinity, this is still our heritage and our truth that we need to care for and nurture. It is by knowing who we really are, that we shall embody our infinity. Nothing is impossible to us in this time of transition between the old and the unknown that we are creating as we progress, one step at a time. Yet, nothing can occur without us doing our own personal homework and deserving the beauty and magic that will bloom in our lives.

The Moon will be Void of Course (V/C) (forming no exact aspect to any planet before leaving a sign) on:

  • Tuesday 5/1 between 1:07 AM and 3:41 AM when the Moon enters Scorpio
  • Wednesday 5/2 at 11:43 PM until Thursday 5/3 at 3:48 PM when the Moon enters Sagittarius
  • Saturday 5/5 at 11:45 PM until Sunday 5/6 at 2:21 AM when the Moon enters Capricorn
  • Tuesday 5/8 between 0:34 AM and 10:48 AM when the Moon enters Aquarius
  • Thursday 5/10 between 2:47 PM and 4:32 PM when the Moon enters Pisces
  • Saturday 5/12 between 4:53 PM and 7:19 PM when the Moon enters Aries
  • Monday 5/14 between 5:24 PM and 7:48 PM when the Moon enters Taurus
  • Wednesday 5/16 between 12:27 PM and 7:34 PM when the Moon enters Gemini
  • Friday 5/18 between 5:57 PM and 8:38 PM when the Moon enters Cancer
  • Monday 5/21 between 0:46 AM and 0:57 AM when the Moon enters Leo
  • Wednesday 5/23 between 6:08 AM and 9:26 AM when the Moon enters Virgo
  • Friday 5/25 between 5:43 PM and 9:16 PM when the Moon enters Libra
  • Monday 5/28 between 9:17 AM and 10:11 AM when the Moon enters Scorpio
  • Wednesday 5/30 between 10:11 AM and 10:07 PM when the Moon enters Sagittarius

Make sure you mark those periods in your calendars and avoid scheduling anything of importance during those times, as it would amount to… nothing!

    Using the sign position of the Moon to schedule our activities:

  • Moon in Scorpio between Tuesday 5/1 at 3:41 AM and Thursday 5/3 at 3:48 PM + between Monday 5/28 at 10:11 AM and Wednesday 5/30 at 10:07 PM: perfect for scientific research, esoteric studies, self-transformation, dealing with the mysteries of life, death, sexuality and exploring the other side of the veil, insurances and issues involving personal power….
  • Moon in Sagittarius between Thursday 5/3 at 3:48 PM and Sunday 5/6 at 2:21 AM + between Wednesday 5/30 at 10:07 PM and Saturday 6/2 at 8:09 AM: perfect for traveling, religious and/or philosophical activities or matters related to higher education or the law. Excellent for lecturing, learning, perfecting foreign languages, exploring other cultures…. Perfect also for athletic training and tending to big animals (horses…)…..
  • Moon in Capricorn between Sunday 5/6 at 2:21 AM and Tuesday 5/8 at 10:48 AM: good for furthering our ambitions, asking for a raise, enlisting the support of people in authority, making a good impression and structuring our business…
  • Moon in Aquarius between Tuesday 5/8 at 10:48 AM and Thursday 5/10 at 4:32 PM: perfect for philanthropic activities, charitable organizations, meeting with friends, making new acquaintances, inventions, far out progressive ideas, inter-dimensional and time travel, anything related to UFOs, computers and technology in general…
  • Moon in Pisces between Thursday 5/10 at 4:32 PM and Saturday 5/12 at 7:19 PM: great for meditating, yoga, anything related to the sacred, music, dancing, painting, photography, film, dreaming, channeling, sitting by the ocean, swimming, sleeping and connecting to the mystical magic and oneness of all…
  • Moon in Aries between Saturday 5/12 at 7:19 PM and Monday 5/14 at 7:48 PM: great for intense physical activities, anything requiring forceful, direct action, and self-assertion. Good also for initiating new projects, leadership, being a way shower, spontaneity and good will…
  • Moon in Taurus between Monday 5/14 at 7:48 PM and Wednesday 5/16 at 7:34 PM: perfect for any financial matter: paying our bills/debts, asking for the money that is owed to us, investing in real estate, buying and selling. Perfect for a stroll in the park, going to the countryside, connecting to trees….Good also for gardening and pottery, sculpting, as well as body work…
  • Moon in Gemini between Wednesday 5/16 at 7:34 PM and Friday 5/18 at 8:38 PM: excellent for multi-tasking, any form of communication, exchanging information, sending e-mails, calling friends and acquaintances. Great also for social activities, attending conferences, reading a book, watching a documentary, gathering data on related topics, connecting with new people….
  • Moon in Cancer between Friday 5/18 at 8:38 PM and Monday 5/21 at 0:57 AM: perfect for family activities especially those involving children. Good for spending more time at home, cooking, nurturing ourselves and those we love, inviting the people we cherish over for dinner. Excellent also for drawing, creative writing, humor and crazy imaginations….
  • Moon in Leo between Monday 5/21 at 0:57 AM and Wednesday 5/23 at 9:26 AM: excellent for anything glamorous, dramatic performances, being in t
    he public’s eye, throwing or attending an elegant party, playing with children and creativity in general…

  • Moon in Virgo between Wednesday 5/23 at 9:26 AM and Friday 5/25 at 9:16 PM: excellent for starting a new fitness program, healthy nutrition, fasting, clearing our closets, cleaning our home, reorganizing our drawers…. Perfect also for detailed work, the focused use of our intelligence, and taking care of our small pets….
  • Moon in Libra between Friday 5/25 at 9:16 PM and Monday 5/28 at 10:11 AM: great for relationships, associations, diplomatic exchanges with others, anything related to beauty (a haircut, buying a new dress, a make-over…), art (especially painting and decorating), a pleasant social event….

Our intentional meditation this month will start on Wednesday May 2nd with the Full Moon in Scorpio. Place your blank sheets outside so that at exactly 3:09 AM, they can collect the energy of the Full Moon. After that moment has passed, put them away in a folder until the next New Moon which will occur on Wednesday May 16th. Write on your Full Moon charged papers, a clear, concise, positive intention (one per sheet), and place them outside so that they are ready to be boosted by the New Moon at exactly 12:27 PM (if you need to leave, you can always leave your papers out even up to a few hours before the exact moment until a few hours after). Collect them when the exact moment has passed, staple them, write the date and…. remain in the positive expectancy of a MIRACLE!

AND this month, there is a bonus! The next Full Moon occurs on the last day of May, Thursday May 31st. When there are two Moons in one month, the second one is called a BLUE Moon (this is not a frequent occurrence, hence the expression….. “Once in a Blue Moon”!). Same procedure as above: place your blank sheets so that they are out, ready to be charged, at exactly 6:04 PM. The intention-writing, you will do on those same sheets on Thursday June 14 at 8:13 PM.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Wednesday 5/2: Sun Conjunct Mercury (9:06 PM)

THE day to try something new. Buying, selling, trading are all favored today. So are telephone calls, writing an important letter and re-formulating our goals. Communication is positive and flowing. A wonderful day to get together with friends, as well as meet new people.

Saturday 5/5: Mercury Sextile Uranus (8:52 AM), Mercury Square Saturn (3:55 PM)

Communication is greatly enhanced today, with sudden, unexpected solutions appearing in answer to our questions. New, unusual insights could occur, helping us improve our efficiency. Any work involving electronics, medias, scientific research, or the occult is favored today. We could meet new people who introduce us to a different circle of stimulating friends. Later in the afternoon, we could feel a little more depressed and lonely. We could worry over responsibilities and feel isolated and exhausted. It is important however, that we do not succumb to negative thinking and that we use this transit to re-structure our life’s activities in an efficient and realistic manner.

Sunday 5/6: Jupiter Trine Saturn (0:13 AM), Venus Opposition Pluto (7:05 PM)

Travel could occur for professional reasons. There is a high insistence on integrity and responsibility. Friendships lead to the furthering of scientific, philosophical and humanitarian goals. A day where a balance is struck between realism and optimism. Later tonight, a strong romantic involvement could occur, negative only if we let our lower desires run the show, over-ruling the voice of wisdom. Beware of “love” at first sight which is likely to be more lust at first sight. Oppositions in relationships could become more obvious and lead to either separations or the need to resolve constructively the differences. A day which may bring to light where we are living in the shadow of someone else, and not shining in the power of our own integrity.

Monday 5/7: Mercury Square Neptune (7:30 AM)

Communication is apt to be quite confused today. Daydreaming, absentmindedness could adversely affect our focus and efficiency. Miscommunications are likely to be the rule rather than the exception. Not the best day to sign a contract requiring to go over the fine print. Alcohol and drugs should be absolutely avoided, especially if we’re going to be driving. Strange issues could arise with brothers, sisters, cousins and/or neighbors.

Tuesday 5/8: Venus enters Cancer (0:28 AM till June 5th), Sun Sextile Uranus (1:26 PM), Mercury Sextile Mars (5:39 PM)

In the next few months, our hearts will soften. We could weep more easily and be more touched by pain more deeply. A wonderful month to nurture others and be more in tune with our emotions. We could also feel more romantically inclined and protective of children. Inviting our friends over for a home-cooked dinner could be our way of showing our love for them. We could also feel more drawn to redecorating our home and making it an inspiring place to live in. Today, particularly, we could feel more self-confident and inventive than usual. Original ideas could inspire new creative projects, made possible by opportunities arising through friends. Excellent for financial dealings as long as they remain reasonable. Good also for business partnerships and group associations. In the early evening, we could be more curious and direct in the way we express our thoughts. Our intuition could enable us to solve some difficult mysteries. Short distance travel is favored.

Wednesday 5/9: Sun Square Saturn (5:05 AM)

Frustration, as well as a feeling of isolation and solitude, could emerge today. Emotional depression could paint the landscape in darker colors, leading to a loss of vitality. Children could be a source of responsibility. Not a good day to make financial investments as they would result in significant losses. This transit is best used by taking a very honest look at ourselves and re-structuring our lives making sure that work is balanced by play.

Thursday 5/10: Jupiter Square Uranus (8:45 PM)

False optimism leading to unwise financial decisions could bring about significant losses. Long-distance journeys could take a very different turn than expected. Be careful not to fall prey to snap judgments, impracticality, overconfidence and idealism. During this transit, gambling is best left alone.

Friday 5/11: Mercury enters Gemini (2:17 AM till 5/28)

The next few weeks will bring a lot of information to us. We could hear from acquaintances we haven’t seen in quite a while and meet a lot of new, exciting, stimulating people. We may feel more communicative and curious than usual. There could be a youthful, spontaneous quality in the way we relate to others and our environment and a more acute consciousness of what is going on in our daily lives. We could feel motivated to start studying a new topic and/or become more attracted to expressing our thoughts.

Saturday 5/12: Sun Square Neptune (7:57 PM)

Under this transit, there is danger of losing our grip on reality and becoming self-delusional or falling prey to deceit and betrayals. Financial speculations should be avoided altogether as they would incur heavy losses. Alcohol, drugs, sexual promiscuity should also be cautioned against. Today, children could be experiencing some confusion and have their heads in the clouds. Some inexplicable psychic phenomena could occur today having their roots in some deep, unresolved emotional issue. Beware today of possible problems involving gas or water leakage. A day best spent in meditation, sleeping, watching an inspiring movie, or reading a book that helps us create in our hearts and minds a better reality.

Sunday 5/13: Mars Square Pluto (8:14 AM)

Best to stay away from any sharp instrument. A day to be careful with impatience, rashness, anger and violence as these emotions could cause much harm if not properly monitored. As if it were a question of life and death, there is an intense need for action today, as well as a strong desire to
move forward regardless of any opposition. We could face circumstances that literally force us to fight for our very survival. The way we handle dangerous situations could teach us some very valuable lessons in self-discipline as well as help us gain a better understanding of our own power.

Tuesday 5/15: Mars enters Aries (7:06 AM till June 24)

In the next few months, Aries natives will be favored. Their opinions will be more clearly heard. A wonderful period to start a forceful training program and be spontaneous and joyful in the pursuit of our dreams. Our energy is likely to become more physical, direct and enthusiastic.

Saturday 5/19: Mercury Opposition Jupiter (10:31 PM)

Anything that sounds too good to be true, under this transit, IS! Today, beware of deception, castles in the sky, frauds and idealism. Signing documents is ill-advised under this transit. A tendency towards being idle and inattentive to details marks today’s energy. Our religious and philosophical values could be vague and impractical. We should not promise (or be promised) more than we can deliver (or can be delivered to us).

Sunday 5/20: Mercury Square Uranus (4:25 PM)

Mental instability, disagreements, breakdowns in communication and nervousness are likely to color today’s energy. New, unexpected information could make us suddenly change our mind. Yet we should beware of jumping to conclusions without the sufficient data to make enlightened decisions. Brutal breaks in friendship could occur. A scandal could erupt. Travel should be engaged in only with great care, as accidents are more likely than usual to happen. Best not to sign any binding, long-term legal document.

Monday 5/21: Sun enters Gemini (3:12 AM till June 21st), Mercury Sextile Saturn (3:48 AM)

In the next month, we should feel a lot more curious, mentally alert and communicative. There is a need to learn something new and expand our consciousness of our surroundings. We could attract new people who may or may not remain around us for long, but while they do, they will introduce us to exciting dimensions of life. Today, more specifically, is marked by a certain mental seriousness and practicality. We need to be efficient and could re-prioritize our goals and ambitions. This is a great day to clear our desk, put some order in our administrative papers, pay our bills, re-organize our schedule, and generally simplify our lives.

Wednesday 5/23: Mercury Trine Neptune (0:49 AM)

This transit greatly favors extrasensory faculties. Spiritual healing is also enhanced today with the capacity to tap into very high and unusual vibrational frequencies. Excellent for any kind of communication requiring the integration of intuitive perceptions. Dealings with the public are also inspired and enriching. THE perfect transit for artists and creators in general. Excellent also for improving our health by becoming more sensitive to the real, individual needs of our bodies.

Thursday 5/24: Neptune turns retrograde (6:10 PM till October 31st), Venus Trine Uranus (11:40 PM)

Regarding the meaning of Neptune retrograde, kindly refer to the opening paragraph. Although there is a danger that that meeting may be short-lived, tonight is perfect for an exciting date with someone new, stimulating and unusual. An existing romantic involvement could be renewed and recreated in a freeing way that enables each partner to express more specifically who they individually are. Wonderful for any event in which public popularity is important. Our original sense of fashion could tremendously enhance our charisma and literally magnetize people to us. A day to dare be uniquely ourselves.

Sunday 5/27: Mercury Opposition Pluto (8:12 AM)

If we are careful to listen attentively to others, remain in absolute personal honesty and are wise in our choices, this can be a very empowering day where much can be accomplished. Cooperating with our brothers and sisters, cousins and neighbors will ensure good relationships. A day where we should be courteous, ethical and do the best to mind our own business.

Monday, 5/28: Mercury enters Cancer (5:56 PM till August 4th)

The next few months could be marked by a certain subjectivity. Our thinking is more emotional, sensitive and intuitive. Our imagination is enhanced, which makes it a wonderful transit for artists. We could become more concerned with family matters, financial security, issues surrounding safety, being nurtured and nurturing those we love, the proper care of children and food.

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