April New Moon – Cosmic Fire Dancers


Image of Pleaides from NASA/JPL-CalTech

The New Moon of April 17 sparkles with radiance, fire-dancers out in front. Have you seen fire dancers? Twirling batons, whirling chains of fire in whirring loops and figure 8s, undulating with hula hoops of flame, tongues on fire, fire offerings in their hands? It’s that kind of New Moon….

For a special treat, the slender New Moon will appear close to the Pleiades, just as Venus was last week. Because Venus is the Evening Star, the slight crescent Moon will be close to Venus its first few nights, one of the most exquisite celestial sights. Initially we’ll see Moon and Venus with the seeded star cluster, this “narrow cloudy train of female stars,” like Pleiades jam in the middle. Yumm. Many call them the Seven Sisters; in Japan this star cluster is Subaru.

The pattern of this New Moon is fiery. The Sun in Aries has been making a triangle of fire the last few weeks, with Jupiter turning backward in Sagittarius and Saturn soon (on the 20th) turning forward in Leo. The Sun is just about to step into earthy Taurus to ground some of this inspiration. Mercury in Aries continues the fire triangle, extending it almost to the end of this month. Mercury is conjunct Ceres on the New Moon, suggesting important news about our environment and sorrowing at the violent loss of life in our world, both human and animal.

Mars picks up the fire triangle again when it enters Aries in mid-May, raring to go in its own sign. “A hot time in the old town tonight,” as the saying goes. Which can mean many things—unusually hot weather and short tempers, but also lots of motivation and enthusiastic (Sagittarius) creative (Leo) initiative (Aries). What an extraordinary time for all kinds of projects, ideas, connections. The New Moon is powerfully aligned with Pluto, adding a potential visionary aspect.

We plant seeds at any New Moon. Aries is a fresh sign, inventive, impulsive, so those are the kinds of seeds we plant this month. Empowered by Pluto, they take us into the future, for better or worse. And they can take root right away, as the Sun plunges directly into the fertile ground of Taurus. Taurus decides which seeds are worth tending. Let’s tend the life-enhancing impulses.

Venus also has a say. Just about as bright as she can be in the evening sky, the goddess of love and beauty is in the sign of Gemini. We think of Venus as ruling Taurus, and she does. But on an esoteric level, Venus rules Gemini and the magnetic attraction of “As above, so below,” the higher mind connected to the lower mind, like the energy poles of a battery. I’ve heard that bees come from Venus; in Gemini they gather the pollen to make the honey. This placement also brings people together; some very special connections are being made. Love is in the air, in the very bird song.

Personally I’ve been in a frenzy and research and writing. Astrology is an incredible lens to insight, as is the internet. I’m now on DSL, so I’m web surfing at a higher speed, which is the way I like to drive in general. One of my recent flybys has been http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/, website of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at Cal Tech, premier science institute that runs NASA’s space flights. Saturn is a hot topic (in Leo, I guess so), as the Cassini shuttle successfully completed a flyby of Titan on April 10, with several more planned.

Titan is the largest of Saturn’s moons, second largest moon in the solar system, bigger than the planets Mercury and Pluto. Titan takes only 16 days to orbit its huge father planet and is the only moon in the solar system that has a dense atmosphere with water vapor—10 times denser than ours—with rich in carbon-based, organic material. Do you know how many moons Saturn has? The latest count puts it at 56!, more than half of them added since the beginning of the new millennium, some embedded in its rings. Daphnis, discovered in 2005, just 7 km (4 miles) in diameter, is located in a gap in a band in the outer ring. It’s gravitational influences creates waves at the edges the gap, rather like waves rolling into the shoreline.

Isn’t the solar system fascinating? Such facts about our planetary neighbors stimulate the imagination and can give a renewed appreciation of Saturn. Saturn and Jupiter are working well together. Of similar size, Jupiter remains a little larger than Saturn, is still winning the moon contest (with 62 to date!), and its moon, Ganymede, is the only one larger than Titan. But Saturn has the glorious rings, complex and extraordinary, threaded through with ice and tiny moons, like beads.

Saturn is stationing and turning forward at 19 degrees Leo:
Sounds like a party. Rudhyar calls it “the transforming power of pure joy over routine existence. Human fellowship in the effort to make life happier, freer.”
How effective to gather together and join hearts and souls, in joy and in sorrow. Love transcends life and death. Saturn is in this degree all through April and half of May.

And let’s see what Jupiter’s station point gives us to work with. It is 20 Sagittarius until the end of the month:
“Depth of operation necessary to prepare for next phase of life…Thoroughness of action.”

That says it. Cooperation is the name of the game on all levels of life. This is the essential lesson that this season of the fire triangle urges us to incorporate into our modus operandi, so that we enter 2008 and Pluto’s change into Capricorn, set up in as good a position as we can be to begin this next global transformational process. Whether we know it or not, we are creating a shared vision that will manifest in the context of cosmic necessity.

A fire-inspired Cosmic Tune-Up of your planetary highlights. Half hour for $60, includes mailed recording of session. Sessions via phone or SKYPE.
$50 if no recording required.

Dr. Kelley Hunter is an internationally-known Astrologer living in St. John, Virgin Islands. She is Astrologer-in-Residence for the Self Centre International at Caneel Bay Resort and for the Omega Institute programs in the Caribbean. She leads weekly star gazing nights for visitors. Travel schedule for summer-fall coming out soon, including Paris, CO, IA, NY,CT and VT.


TAURUS—Happy Birthday, you Earth lovers! Usually steady as a rock, you may be feeling a bit frayed at the edges, pulled at from different sides. Saturn, planet of reality, and Neptune, planet of illusions or spirituality are both claiming your attention. Do you have the strength to harness reality with compassion and see “what dreams may come”?

GEMINI—A delightful month is ahead with Venus in your sign through the first week in May. Parties, sometimes two at a time, where you meet new people, who may become special or helpful to you. You busy bee, take time to make honey from all the pollen you collect.

CANCER—Travel might be on your mind, or international networking from your own home cave. You have been setting plans to secure your base of operations. Pay attention to the signals as you feel out new situations. You are starting to define security o
n a different basis.

LEO— Saturn is still in your sign until September. Stay the course, you courageous Lions and the pay-off will come—based on taking responsible actions in response to the large social context of your situation.

VIRGO—The roller coaster ride is still in motion, with yet more factors to take into account. Set your priorities; don’t get distracted by lesser stuff. Do what you do best, let others do their thing. A tendency to micro-manage might lose you some good helpers; or unreliable people may necessitate your involvement.

LIBRA—Venus is smiling on you this month, making for a light heart. Avoid hasty judgments or casual assumptions. Ask penetrating questions with your most gracious voice. Networking and internetworking, new information and contacts may lead to financial gain. Spend it well.

SCORPIO—Your shrewd eye sees hidden opportunities. Some indicate promise; others lose steam. What is going on with other people largely concerns you. Their opinions are worth a listen and may give important clues. Still you have your destiny to fulfill.

SAGITTARIUS—You’ve been on a fire-sign stimulated high, which consolidates a bit this month, but just to add more fuel to the fire. You meet new people, perhaps someone to flirt with. Whether it gets serious remains a question for a while, but good times are in order.

CAPRICORN—This is a good time of year for you. Current uncertainties and a sense of impending change that may be out of your control may make you a bit grumpy. Take heart, you capable one, and tap into your deep spiritual Self. Who is in control, after all?

AQUARIUS—Apart from the fact that you are working hard, feeling extra sensitive and dealing with confrontations with friends or enemies, you are in a good flow. It’s exciting, new interests grab you. This month sparkles with creative ideas. Communicate them on the computer, on the wall, or in the streets. Also, attend to your home ground.

PISCES—Your energy is high this month, and you are so ready for change and excitement. Channel it into tangible creative ventures and physical exercise, or it can be accident-prone. Having a party at your place? The changes at work may slow down for the time being.

ARIES—With a New Moon in your sign and lots of fire planets, you can be inspired and refreshed. What ideas will keep your interest, which ones will fade like a shooting star, or be given away for others to follow up on?

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