From Michelle Karen

This month Jupiter will turn retrograde on April 5th at 19ª46′ Sagittarius and will remain so until August 6th at 9º55′ Sagittarius. We need to revisit our philosophy of life and stand strong in our integrity. Under this particular retrogration, only strict personal honesty will do. Traveling to other states or distant countries is also favored in as much as it a chance for us to connect with a deeper understanding of other ways of thinking and living. We could get involved in causes we believe in and faster than ever, see our intentions manifest into realities. “Man is a creature of reflection.” says the Indian wisdom. “He becomes that upon which he reflects.” That which we desire, we can magnetize into our lives by feeling the EMOTION of ALREADY having or being it.

Saturn which was retrograde since December 6th, 2006 at 25º04′ Leo, will be turning direct again on April 19th at 18º09′ Leo. Since December, we have cleared a lot of clutter, our bodies have gone through massive cleansings (flus, coughs and other uncomfortable, yet necessary, purifications), we have simplified our lives, and re-organized our priorities, we can now look forward to an acceleration of our evolution within the new structures consciously defined.

Pluto which turned retrograde on March 31st, 2007, will remain so this whole month between 28º57′ and 28º45′ Sagittarius, till September 6th at 26º18′ Sagittarius. We could be plagued by compulsive fanatical opinions that tend to wish the destruction of anything and anyone who doesn’t hold the same beliefs. Important to remain in our truth without alienating those who are of different convictions. In the international political scene, some important changes could occur that affect millions of people. We are being regenerated at a cellular level. Much old karma is being transmuted. We could find ourselves thinking in radically purified ways with a heightened connection with our higher selves. There is a total transformation of our philosophical approach to life. As supra-normal abilities unravel more clearly within ourselves, we are becoming alchemists and magicians of our reality.

Kindly note that all the dates and times given in this newsletter are in PDT (Pacific Daylight Saving Time). For the East Coast, add 3 hours….

The Moon will be V/C (Void of Course, forming no major aspects with any planet before entering the following sign) on:
Sunday 04/1 between 6:37 AM and 8:43 AM when the Moon enters Libra Tuesday 04/3 between 7:29 PM and 9:36 PM when the Moon enters Scorpio Thursday 04/5 at 7:54 PM, till Friday 04/6 at 9:57 AM when the Moon enters Sagittarius Sunday 04/8 between 6:35 PM and 8:36 PM when the Moon enters Capricorn Wednesday 04/11 between 2:57 AM and 4:23 AM when the Moon enters Aquarius Friday 04/13 between 6:50 AM and 8:39 AM when the Moon enters Pisces Sunday 04/15 between 8:02 AM and 9:47 AM when the Moon enters Aries Tuesday 04/17 between 7:26 AM and 9:11 AM when the Moon enters Taurus Wednesday 04/18 at 7:29 PM, till Thursday 04/19 at 8:51 AM when the Moon enters Gemini Saturday 04/21 between 8:51 AM and 10:50 AM when the Moon enters Cancer Monday 04/23 between 2:10 AM and 4:38 PM when the Moon enters Leo Thursday 04/26 between 0:01 AM and 2:24 AM when the Moon enters Virgo Saturday 04/28 between 12:14 PM and 2:45 PM when the Moon enters Libra We should do our best to plan nothing of importance during those periods in time as they would amount to…. NOTHING! I personally always mark them in red in my calendar so I that, if I have an option, I can choose a non V/C time to schedule a given activity. These V/C Moon times are wonderful if used to meditate, focus on our personal lives and explore inter-dimensional spaces.

Planning our activities according to the zodiacal position of the Moon: More at…

Our intentional meditation this month starts on the Full Moon, Monday 04/2 at 10:15 AM when we should place outside as many blank sheets of paper as we shall have intentions. As long as they are out at the EXACT time, for convenience, they may be left a few hours before, till a few hours after. After that exact moment has passed, put them away in a folder till the following New Moon. On Tuesday 04/17, take out the still blank, Full Moon charged sheets of paper and write on each a clear, positive, concise intention. Make sure they’re out by 4:36 AM. You may collect your papers with their intentions upon waking up on the 17th. Staple them together, date them, and…. expect a miracle!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sunday, 04/1: Mercury Conjunct Uranus (11:31 AM)

There is the possibility today of unusual exchanges with friends, brothers and sisters, as well as neighbors. Excellent for intuitive writing, expressing far-out ideas, inventions and scientific research, electronics, as well as work with astrology and metaphysics in general. A day of high-strung energy with unexpected expansions of consciousness and strange encounters.

Monday, 04/2: Venus Square Saturn (0:02 AM)

Not the best day for business. Financial difficulties could be present. Also not the best emotionally. There is a feeling of loneliness and general frustration. Something today could trigger some painful feelings from the past which interfere with the capacity to fully be grateful for our present circumstances. Best to use this transit to become clear with regard to what we want to experience in our private life and expect nothing from our environment.

Wednesday, 04/4: Mercury Square Jupiter (0:17 AM), Venus Square Neptune (11:17 AM), Mars Sextile Pluto (5:20 PM)

Today could be marked by a certain impracticality and lack of focus. We should be particularly attentive when operating a motor vehicle. There could also be a certain emotional confusion. We could be in love with love and not see the other as he/she really is. Deception could take place as a result of romantic illusions. Extreme caution should be exercised in financial matters, as deceit and betrayal could occur. A desire to experience our lives in completely new ways, could lead to adventurousness and a powerful need to conquer the unknown.

Thursday, 04/5: Jupiter turns retrograde (6:24 PM)

Kindly refer to the opening paragraph.

Friday, 04/6: Mars enters Pisces (1:51 AM) till May 15th

In the next few weeks, Pisces natives will win more easily the battles they’re involved in. Our energy is more sensitive to our environment and considerate of others. We assert ourselves with more compassion. There is a need to feel inspired by the causes we support and what we stand for. Tantric practices could become more appealing as well as any involvement in the arts.

Saturday, 04/7: Mercury Sextile Venus (9:11 AM)

Our feelings are expressed with more clarity and our thoughts are shared with more sensitivity. We experience today, a state of mental calm. A wonderful time to plan a gathering with friends, a party, or the visit of an art gallery. Exchanges with others are simple and harmonious. There is a sense of ease and flowingness in artistic creation. Our dedication helps us achieve our ambitions. A great transit for wise purchases and a pleasant trip.

Sunday, 04/8: Sun Trine Saturn (4:56 AM)

Excellent for new business ventures, sound financial investments and good judgment in general. Contracts and the handling of legal affairs are favored by this transit. Excellent also for teaching, any educational endeavor involving children, developing our leadership abilities and improving our career. We could attract the attention of people in positions of authority and find that all our hard work and discipline are being rewarded.

Monday, 04/9: Sun Trine Jupiter (5:07 PM)

Perfect for a long distance trip, philosophy, the law, higher edu
cation and spiritual growth. As long as we exercise our common sense, financial investments are also favored by this transit. Our popularity could also increase leading to romantic opportunities. Creative expression is enhanced and artists may get their “big break”. We may feel more prosperous, generous and optimistic than usual. Our self-confidence is increased, helping us in turn, to project a more positive self-image. Under this transit, women may find it easier to relate to men. Rewards for past good deeds are likely to be reaped today.

Tuesday, 04/10: Mercury Square Pluto (0:23 AM), Mercury enters Aries (4:07 PM) till 04/27

Many of our cherished ideas could be shattered by this transit leading to enlightening new perceptions. Familiar concepts may have to be revised. Some hidden secrets could be revealed by neighbors, brothers or sisters. Beware of deliberate distortions of information under this transit. If we exercise extreme caution, signing official documents could prove very empowering. No matter how badly we may be blackmailed today, it is essential to remain in strict honest with ourselves. The next few weeks will require direct communication and saying things as we see them. Our innocence will be our protection.

Thursday, 04/19: Sun Trine Pluto (0:34 AM), Saturn turns Direct (2:26 PM)

A wonderful day to take the specific actions that will further our goals. We may feel more courage and energy to assume a position of leadership. Today, deep insights could lead to the unraveling of spiritual mysteries. Educational endeavors, as well as anything related to the arts, the law, business and/or politics is favored. We could feel inspired to regenerate at very profound levels and reform whatever in our lives, is not conducive to our highest growth. Today, and for the months to come, we start a whole new relationship with authority, duty and responsibilities, on a completely different level.

Friday, 04/20: Sun enters Taurus (4:07 AM) till May 21st

In the next few weeks, we shall feel more grounded and attracted by Nature. Gardening could prove quite soothing and taking walks in the countryside, very healing. We may also feel drawn to nurturing our bodies (healing work, massage…) and enjoy dining out. There is a need to slow the pace of our life down and find peace in more harmonious environments.

Saturday, 04/21: Mercury Trine Saturn (0:09 AM), Mercury Trine Jupiter (3:39 PM)

There is a seriousness as well as an expansiveness, in our communications today. THE perfect day to write, lecture, read, study, attend a conference, invite our friends over for some deeper and yet fun conversation. Wonderful for starting a new course and developing our skills in a given area. We could be led to travel for our work or to do research. There is a need to know more on a topic that has always been of interest to us but that we didn’t have the opportunity of developing.

Sunday, 04/22: Mercury Sextile Neptune (9:15 PM), Venus Square Mars (10:30 PM)

Excellent for channeling, as well as any intuitive transmission of information. Artists will find much inspiration in this transit and could come up with some of their best work to date. Dreams are also particularly significant and should be paid attention to. There could be some tensions between lovers. But nothing that cannot be resolved through the attentive listening of the other’s point of view without any judgment, in unconditional love.

Thursday, 04/26: Mercury Trine Pluto (10:05 AM), Venus Square Uranus (8:19 PM)

Deep insights today which are excellent for scientific or metaphysical research. The ability to literally X-ray situations and people could lead to some startling revelations. We could also experience extra-sensorial faculties. Anything leading to the regeneration of our lives on any level, will be deeply appealing today. Traveling to gain empowering insights into aspects of our past (even past lives) that is relevant to our present and offers constructive information for creating a more enlightened future, is very much favored. There could be unusual encounters today with people walking to the sound of their own drummer. If we insist too much on independence and forcing our will no matter what, sudden and hurtful breaks in relationships could occur.

Friday, 04/27: Mercury enters Taurus (0:16 AM) till May 11, Venus Sextile Saturn (1:06 PM)

In the weeks to come, we shall think along more practical lines. We could want to know more about gardening and feel drawn to understanding the wisdom of Nature better. There is a need for mental peace, harmony, silence and groundedness. A great day to discuss commitment and become very realistic in our relationships. An apparent lack of passion is made up for by emotional solidity, substance and the desire to build a relationship that will withstand the test of time. A great day to get engaged or renew our commitment. Excellent also for making sound financial investments.

Saturday, 04/28: Venus Opposition Jupiter (5:43 AM), Mars Conjunct Uranus (9:38 PM)

We should be extra-careful in financial matters as the tendency today is towards over-indulgence and a total lack of discrimination. The danger also is present of leaping into a relationship without knowing much about the other person, which could lead to a rude awakening. Impulsive sex with an almost-stranger could prove self-destructive. Not the best time for business deals or formulating legal contracts. Our willfulness and insistence on total independence, could be the cause of abruptly isolating separations.

Monday, 04/30: Mars Square Jupiter (3:21 PM), Venus Trine Neptune (6:35 PM)

Not the best time for seeking employment, starting a new endeavor, changing jobs or handling legal affairs. Recklessness and hypocrisy could be present. Overlooking the small print, could expose us to unnecessary dangers. Any kind of involvement in insurances, taxes, inheritances and/or corporate finances is not advised either. We should do our best to stay away from compulsive-obsessive religious and/or political ideas. Tonight though, is wonderful for a magical date and experiencing the oneness of all that is. An elusive perfume of divinity could permeate the air, making us remember our spiritual truth.

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