MARCH 2007

by Michelle Karén, M.A., D.F.Astrol.S.

Kindly note that all the time given below are in PST (Pacific Standard Time). For the East Coast, add 3 hours….

Two eclipses this month! This will be a turning point month on many levels. Since these eclipses are occurring in the same signs, only in reverse, they will anchor further the shifts that started to occur in September 2006. Remember always that the days eclipses occur are always particularly sensitive. Do NOT say something you don’t mean or make any drastic decision on those days as these will be IRREVERSIBLE.

The first one, the Lunar Eclipse, will occur on Saturday March 3rd at 3:17 PM PST at 13º00′ Virgo. This degree is symbolized in the Sabian Symbols by “a powerful Statesman overcoming a state of political hysteria”. A Lunar Eclipse is always about letting go of the past and looking to the future. This one in particular, seems to indicate that we need to stand more deeply in our own power and KNOW in our hearts how strong we are no matter what the circumstances around us present us with. Whether it is the loss of a job, a relationship, or financial difficulties, we have the inner resources to face those situations in ways that will not make us fall prey to feelings of scarcity. What seemingly is taken away, is to lead us to something much greater and more in alignment with our higher truth.

The second one, the Solar Eclipse, will occur on Sunday March 18 at 7:43 PM at 28º07′ Pisces. In the Sabian Symbols, it is symbolized by “A fertile garden under the Full Moon revealing of variety of full-grown vegetables”. A Solar Eclipse leads us to focus more deeply on our emotions and find within ourselves a place of comfort. We are always wealthier than we think and this particular eclipse shows us our inner riches: all the dreams we have been pursuing that are now coming into full bloom. There is an abundance of all the nutritious ingredients for a delicious, healthy meal. We need not get scared by the illusions that the external world may be presenting to us, as we have every power to transmute what could prove negative or painful. Within us is ALL that is and that is how we can renew our strength in the face of seeming adversity.

Mercury which was retrograde since February 13 (10º Pisces), will turn direct again on Wednesday, March 7th at 25º Aquarius. Inventions we forgot about, a crazy storyline for a visionary novel, technological advances…. could all come back to the forefront with full force. It is very likely also, that more than usual under a retrogration of Mercury, friends we haven’t heard from forever, will re-emerge and surprise us by being on exactly the same wave-length as we are, despite the amount of space and time that may have elapsed since our last meeting, even if that was decades ago! With this special retrogration, we are so greatly in tune with the collective subconscious that we shouldn’t be amazed by increased psychic occurrences and particularly significant dreams at night. We will feel more in tune with others and more compassionate, inspired and creative, than usual.

Saturn which has been retrograde since December 6th, 2006, will continue to be so this whole month between 20º and 18º Leo. We are still dealing with figures of authority and limitations that are forcing us to reassess our values and be clear on the meaning of external boundaries for our inner growth. There is also a need to re-examine our relation to being in the limelight and certain aspects of our ego that may create separations from others. A time to structure our own unique gifts and our special creative talents.

Pluto will turn retrograde on March 31st at 3:44 PM at 29º Sagittarius and will remain so until September 7th at 26º Sag. We shall have to start dwelling deeper into what makes us feel passionate. Our integrity and honesty will be questioned. In the next few months, we shall need to be clear on what our religious beliefs mean to us, the philosophical values we stand for, and how we relate to various forms of spirituality. We could be drawn to connect or reconnect to a foreign culture we have always felt very close to, remembering ancient roots in that other country.

The Moon will be Void of Course (making no significant aspect to any planet before leaving a sign) on: Friday 3/2 between 11:02 AM and 1:32 PM (when the Moon enters Virgo) Sunday 3/4 at 10:56 PM until Monday 3/5 at 1:25 AM (when the Moon enters Libra) Wednesday 3/7 between 11:51 AM and 2:17 PM (when the Moon enters Scorpio) Friday 3/9 at 5:51 PM until Saturday 3/10 at 2:37 AM (when the Moon enters Sagittarius) Monday 3/12 between 11:27 AM and 1:35 PM (when the Moon enters Capricorn) Wednesday 3/14 between 1:21 PM and 7:52 PM (when the Moon enters Aquarius) Friday 3/16 between 9:01 PM and 10:30 PM (when the Moon enters Pisces) Sunday 3/18 between 8:59 PM and 10:42 PM (when the Moon enters Aries) Tuesday 3/20 between 8:33 PM and 10:15 PM (when the Moon enters Taurus) Thursday 3/22 between 8:12 AM and 11:06 PM (when the Moon enters Gemini) Sunday 3/25 between 0:57 AM and 2:49 AM (when the Moon enters Cancer) Monday 3/26 at 7:36 AM until Tuesday 3/27 at 10:04 AM (when the Moon enters Leo) Thursday 3/29 between 6:33 PM and 8:27 PM (when the Moon enters Virgo)

Mark these periods in your calendars and avoid any of significance during those times as they will amount to….. nothing. Best to focus on your inner life and personal developments.

Using the Moon to schedule activities

Moon in Leo, until 3/2 at 1:32 PM + between 3/27 at 10:04 AM and 3/29 at 8:27 PM: excellent for anything requiring glamour, any dramatic performance, being in the public’s eye, a party, and creativity in general. Moon in Virgo, between 3/2 at 1:32 PM until 3/5 at 1:35 AM + between 3/29 at 8:27 PM and 4/1 at 8:43 AM: excellent for starting a new fitness program, healthy nutrition, fasting and clearing our closets. Perfect also for detailed work and dealing with pets… Moon in Libra, between 3/5 at 1:35 AM and 3/7 at 2:17 PM: great for relationships, associations, diplomatic dealings with others, a new hairdo, painting and beauty in general, an elegant social event. Moon in Scorpio, between 3/7 at 2:17 PM and 3/10 at 2:37 AM: perfect for scientific research, esoteric studies, sex, self-transformation, dealing with the mysteries of life and death, insurances. Moon in Sagittarius between 3/10 at 2:37 AM and 3/12 at 1:35 PM: perfect for traveling, for religious and/or philosophical activities, or matters related to higher education or the law. Excellent also for athletic training. Moon in Capricorn between 3/12 at 1:35 PM and 3/14 at 7:52 PM: good for furthering our ambitions, asking for a raise, enlisting the support of people in authority, making a good impression and structuring our business. Moon in Aquarius between 3/14 at 7:52 PM and 3/16 at 10:30 PM: good for philanthropic activities, charitable organizations, meeting with friends, making new acquaintances, anything related to UFOs, and computers or technology in general. Moon in Pisces between 3/16 at 10:30 PM and 3/18 at 10:42 PM: great for meditation, music, dance, painting, photography, film, dreaming, dancing, channeling, sitting by the ocean, sleeping. Moon in Aries between 3/18 at 10:42 PM and 3/20 at 10:15 PM: great for physical activities, anything requiring direct action, forcefulness and being self-assertive. Moon in Taurus between 3/20 at 10:15 PM and 3/22 at 11:06 PM: perfect for any financial matter. Asking for money due, making payments or investing in real estate, buying and selling are also favored. Good also for gardening and pottery or sculpting, as well as body work (massage). Moon in Gemini between 3/22 at 11:06 PM and 3/25 at 2:49 AM: perfect for multi-tasking, communication, sending e-mails and calling people. Great also for social activities, attending a conference, reading a book, watching a document
ary, gathering information on related topics. Moon on Cancer between 3/25 at 2:49 AM and 3/27 at 10:04 AM: perfect for inviting a friend over for a meal. Good for activities with children and family reunions.

Our intentional meditation this month will be particularly powerful since it coincides with two eclipses. On Saturday March 3rd, start by placing blank sheets (as many as you will have intentions) out at 3:17 PM to bask in the Full Moon. After the exact moment has passed, put them away in a folder. Take them out again on the following New Moon on Sunday March 18, write on each Full Moon charged sheet a clear, concise, positive intention. Make sure your sheets are out by 7:43 PM. After that exact moment, staple them together, write down the date, put them away and… look forward to a Miracle!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Monday 3/5: Sun Conjunct Uranus (7:38 AM)

A day of rapid changes. There is an intensification of personal magnetism, an urgent need to bring about changes and create new associations. Any involvement in scientific or technological endeavors, as well as joint finances, corporate money and insurances, are all favored today. A romantic development with someone unusual could lead to a greater sense of personal freedom. Unless a great amount of space is given, the attachment will be exciting but short lived.

Thursday 3/8: Venus Trine Jupiter (3:16 AM)

Social activities are greatly favored today. Happiness and emotional fulfillment pervade the air. Perfect for planning a party and/or a charitable event, or attending a play or a concert. A wonderful day for a wedding or going on a honeymoon trip. Excellent also for business. Finances are likely to flourish under this transit.

Friday 3/9: Venus Trine Saturn (0;41 AM), Sun Square Jupiter (6:19 AM), Venus Sextile Neptune (7:43 PM)

A great day to commit emotionally to someone with whom there is a feeling of magic coming from a very profound soul link. A great day for a romantic date that will leave a lasting impression and lead to building a solid relationship. It is just important to not fall prey to false optimism and remain very grounded in money matters, as a willingness to take risks could lead to financial losses. We should also watch out for spiritual ego and be careful to not develop any form of conceit or hypocrisy. Social ambitions and an increased self-confidence could seduce us into being generous with an agenda. But if we remain conscious of the oneness of all, and remember that what we do to another we are really doing to ourselves.

Friday 3/16: Jupiter Trine Saturn (0:41 AM), Mercury Sextile Pluto (4:33 PM), Venus Trine Pluto (5:15 PM), Mercury Sextile Venus (6:23 PM)

A great day for a passionate date! Communication will be flowing and agreeable. Even difficult things will said nicely, with respect and elegance. The transition from the old to the new will occur gracefully, integrating with ease the best of what we are leaving behind with what we want to create for ourselves. Legal affairs, business contracts, as well as anything related to schools and religious institutions are favored. Conscientiousness, loyalty and integrity are of paramount importance today. Positive opportunities will lead to success in professional and private matters as long as we remain grounded in strict personal honesty.

Saturday 3/17: Venus enters Taurus (3:01 PM) until May 8th

The next three weeks will be marked by a need to make our surroundings comfortable and attractive. We may be drawn to buying plants and growing flowers. There is a need also for a more sensual relationship with ourselves. We may plan a massage or some body work that relaxes us and makes us feel more in touch with our bodies. Our affections will be expressed with more sensitivity and earthiness. We could be drawn to pottery, sculpture, walks in the countryside, as well as just enjoying being in peaceful natural surroundings.

Sunday 3/18: Mercury enters Pisces (2:35 AM) until April 10, Solar Eclipse (see opening paragraph)

In the next few weeks our telepathy and clairvoyant-audient faculties will increase. We could have more vivid dreams than usual and need more personal space to allow our minds to drift. Because we have less of a filter with regard to our environments, we need to pay more attention to those people and situations which drain our energy, and do our best to avoid them altogether. The ocean, or music with natural sounds in the background, could be particularly soothing to our soul. Meditation as well as artistic creation are vastly favored by this position. Actors could find themselves literally channeling the characters they’re playing. Painters could draw inspiration from higher dimensions. A time of peace and magic leading to very spiritually sensitive exchanges with others. A need for communion and going with the flow in a moment to moment expression of our higher truth.

Monday 3/19: Sun Square Pluto (3:13 PM)

Financial matters do not fair well during this transit. Ego clashes could occur, as well as dangers of a hidden nature. Great difficulties are likely to emerge requiring much strength, maturity and courage. We could be tested in both our home and our professional surroundings. Best to not force any issue arising and to avoid indulgences of any sort. Relationships could prove painful due to too much willfulness and obstinacy. Avoid also any dealings with the occult as they could provoke some dark forces. A great day to work on our shadow and unearth some deep seated emotional residues that no longer serve us.

Tuesday 3/20: Sun enters Aries (5:08 PM) until April 20

A month of impulsive action and the need to assert ourselves with more directness and spontaneity. A time of renewal with the excitement of new possibilities. Wonderful for a 3 day fast or to start a new exercise regimen.

Thursday 3/22: Mars Opposite Saturn (12:33 PM)

Today, we could get particularly frustrated in our efforts and feel that people in authority (the police for example) are just NOT cooperative with our desires for expansion. Not a favorable time to pursue any ambition in an aggressive way as we shall meet with rigid opposition. Anger and resentment could accumulate today, leading to danger while driving. Physical violence should be avoided altogether as well as the handling of any weaponry or sharp objects. Best to stay home alone and to focus on concentrating our efforts in a practical way. Re-structuring our activities and clearing our closets could a positive use of this difficult transit.

Friday 3/23: Mars Sextile Jupiter (9:01 AM)

A hiking trip, camping and/or outdoor sports could be particularly pleasurable. A day of much positive physical energy and enthusiasm. Fighting for a worthy cause could also be very rewarding and inspirational to ourselves and others. Any endeavors related to higher education, the law or politics are also greatly favored today. Financial speculation could lead to beneficial rewards. A spontaneous long distance journey started today will prove quite adventurous and spiritually inspiring.

Sunday 3/25: Mars Conjunct Neptune (10:40 AM)

Great for exploring tantric yoga. Our actions today are permeated with mysticism. There is magic in the air and a very subtle romantic encounter could end up being more spiritual than physical with many subconscious emotional sub-currents. Beware of deceit and treachery especially in professional or sexual matters. There is a need for random acts of kindness that are carried out silently. Subtle changes could occur in the way we express ourselves as well as in our financial dealings and our career.

Saturday 3/31: Venus Sextile Uranus (1:23 AM), Pluto turns retrograde (3:44 PM) until Sept 7th (kindly refer to opening paragraph)

An exciting day for a date. A new person, or a love that we thought we had lost, could (re) appear opening many new, fun horizons in our life. A time to feel free and spontaneous and romantically to open to the unknown. Artistic pursuits are fav
ored leading to much originality of expression. We may feel more attractive, charming and creative than usual. Our social life will be greatly enhanced by this transit. New business partnerships formed today will prove in the long run to be financially profitable.

Michelle Karén, M.A., D.F.Astrol.S.

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