FEB 2: IMBOLC – Purification by Fire and Water

Candlemass: 2nd February

Imbolc celebrates the re-kindling of the fires in the earth which

give life and movement to plants and animals. Seeds burst open, sap

rises and animals begin their mating rites. The fire in the sun

begins to wax noticeably. Imbolc marks the time when it is no

longer necessary to carry a candle to do the early morning chores.

Candles are left burning on windowsills all night to mark the

seasonal passage.

Brighid’s blessings are invoked on the forge and on the tools of

the smith, and also on agricultural implements and the plow, the

product of the smith’s transformative art. Smith craft is potent

magic, the ability to fashion metallic ore into bronze or iron. It

is directly under the sanction of Brighid.

To this day in Ireland there are numerous holy wells dedicated to

Brighid. The ancient Celts marked the beginning of each

agricultural cycle by purifying themselves with water. The feet,

hands and head were ritually washed and who better to bless the

waters than Brighid Herself? Fire and water were seen as the

building blocks of creation, the basic foundations for all

transformative magic. By invoking a Fire Goddess into the waters

the stage was set for growth and change.

Blessed Be!

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