Kwan Yin’s Water Blessing

” With these hands, with this heart and with this pure intention of God, This water is now blessed!
Removing and transmuting all impurities and returning them to the light forever.”

You can add this, too:
Bless this water,
bless the source,
and bless all water in the world

This water blessing is given to the world from Kwan Yin and the Ascended Masters.

This blessing is universal.
The word, “water” can be replaced with “food” or anything else.

Using your own hands to bless the water,
sense the energy that is coming down through the crown,
into the heart, out through the hands and into the water.
Hold it for a little while as though you would hold a baby.
It can be ended in what anyone likes to use in their own religion, whether it is Amen, Om, So Be It, Namasté, or whatever they choose.

This water can be used, and it will bless any amount of water you add it to. You can take this water and disperse it. 1 ounce of this water in approximately 7, 8 or 9 ounces will be plenty. This could become a magnificent healing force.

Take some blessed water and pour it into a river, lake or ocean near you and help to heal the planet.

FROM KWAN YIN about healing springs:

“As far as healing springs, there are many in the USA. It also matters what vibration the person is working with, because there is no magic. There is only higher and higher levels of healing frequency. And the healing frequency is about coming closer to God’s perfection, it is not about being magic. It is about being closer to perfection, and having a more pure, clear, clean frequency.

It’s not just about healing springs water. It is about bringing a higher vibration to any area you come to. As the consciousness of the little ones grows, these things will be in fact the reason for healing springs making themselves present on the planet. You hear many miracles that are happening, and healing springs are one of them. But the spring of most healing comes from the heart.”

Love and respect to all


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