January New Moon


from Kelley Hunter kellhunter@earthlink.net.
web collage by Dana Hunt danaheart@gmail.com

The NEW MOON on January 18-19 is the first of the New Year. The last New Moon on December 20 opened an intense month that took us across the annual threshold into the fresh new territory of 2007.

This New Moon is at the last edge of Capricorn, close to Aquarius where we find a bevy of planets. Overnight, the Moon and in another day, the Sun, join this startling Aquarian stellium, but the New Moon is still in Capricorn, a grounded earth sign of ambition and capability. Get yourself together and then join the party.

An exact VENUS-NEPTUNE conjunction in Aquarius focuses much of our attention– as much as Neptune can focus at all! Its diffuse awareness of vibrational fields combines with the emotional resonance of Venus, with a mystic mermaid nuance. We may be especially sensitive to the social aura, meeting and feeling a special rapport with new people, opening to new dimensions of relationship and love in its “agape” or friendship definition. On the high side Neptune and Venus together evoke heightened aesthetic sensitivity and spiritual compassion. The down side is escapist indulgence. Still, a bit of ease and gentleness is called for to relax from the pressure exerted by Saturn from across the sky in Leo. Please appreciate the impressionistic flavor of this Cosmic News-letter, drawn from a mind that is rather tired this week!

The Sabian symbol of this conjunction, at 19 degrees Aquarius, reads:
A Forest Fire Subdued, The Weary Fighters Feel Jubilant.

This suggests a team of people working together to “save the day,” to deal with pressing emergencies, problems that must addressed. Their joint effort resolves the situation, a cause for celebration. In U.S. terms, it is how the Democrats felt after the fall mid-term election. Or how various agencies have been working together to cope with the effects of this season’s extreme weather patterns.

MERCURY and CHIRON are also in Aquarius, furthering the themes of friendship and collegiality, of quantum shifts in group dynamics and new information on rarified wavelengths that ripple through the social texture. Lots of buzz on the internet highway. Increased realization of the social revolutions in progress as more and more of us wake up and come to our senses, making common sense actions from our uncommon sense impressions. Like the Sumerian god Enki.

As you may remember from the last New Moon, I like playing with images that represent the cusps between signs. What does the Capricorn sea goat look like merged with the Aquarian Water Bearer? One of the great gods of Sumerian mythology was ENKI, a crafty shamanic creator god. Sometimes he is pictured with a double-faced headdress, like the god Janus looking backward and forward in time, it is said. Enki may also be looking inward and outward. Imagine him with clay under his fingernails from sculpting mountains. Yet he lives in the sea. He can be seen standing with one foot resting on a mountain, fountains of water cascade from his shoulders. He is an excellent composite of the sea goat of Capricorn climbing the mountain and the water carrier of Aquarius. Enki has the power of the WORD���action follows upon thought. And the effects ripple through the airwaves.

My friend Dana Hunt has again come through with her creative flair, creating an Enki storyline from the sequence of images she used to create the final image. When she sent me this story-board of Enki’s “evolution,” it seemed particularly meaningful to share it with you on such an evolutionary New Moon.

Let’s again refer to the Sabian symbol for the New Moon at 29 Capricorn, to see what Enki might have in mind this month:

A Gypsy Reads Fortunes in the Tea-Cups of Society Ladies

As seeming entertainment, some unusual person becomes an oracle, gives a few hints, divines the signs of the times. On TV or on-line. Or an Astrologer opens up her computer, the modern crystal ball, reading charts and planetary patterns, finding useful insights to apply to your life. Capricorn is a sign of effective means, whatever is useful, whatever it takes. Tea leaves can work! The information is everywhere if you are looking and listening.

We need meaning in life. Life is hollow and superficial without that meaning. We are on a quest for understanding, says this New Moon and the accompanying conjunctions of Mercury-Chiron, and Venus-Neptune. So says the imminent, dynamic duo of URANUS, the Awakener, and JUPITER, the Guru. One of the most important planetary interactions of the year, Uranus and Jupiter combine to push us onward in the flow of Meaningful Change, awakening our higher minds and visionary perspectives.

The mystic poet Rumi calls to us across centuries:

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.
Don’t go back to sleep.
You must ask for what you really want.
Don’t go back to sleep.
People are going back and forth across the doorsill
Where the two worlds touch.
The door is round and open
Don’t go back to sleep.”

Your own depth astrology overview with mythic overtones for the year 2007. One hour, $125. Email me at kellhunter@earthlink.net.

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