Astrology – February 2007

from Michelle Karen

Starting on Tuesday, Feb 13, Mercury will be retrograde from 10º Pisces till 25º Aquarius on March 7th when it will turn direct again. This period usually has a bad press because that’s when cars and computers break down, when we miss phone calls, lose important papers, change our minds and generally misunderstand each other. If you can avoid signing important papers when Mercury is retrograde, by all means, do so.

But on the bright side, it is a WONDERFUL time for meditation, going within, reconnecting with dreams and visions we had forgotten about, hearing from old friends and revisiting places we had dissociated from. When Mercury is retrograde, there is always excitement and beautiful surprises to help swallow those computer crashes that can be quite disheartening unless or course, you’re in the computer repair business!

This whole month, Saturn is still retrograde between 22º and 20º Leo. In the Sabian Symbols, these 3 degrees are described respectively as “A carrier pigeon fulfilling its mission”, “Intoxicated chickens dizzily flapping their wings trying to fly”, and “Zuni Indians performing a ritual to the Sun”. This month although we still have to deal with duties, responsibilities and obligations they should be approached with a light heart and a sense of awe and sacredness.

The more we deal with the mundane in a spiritual way, the more we shall transmute the density that seems to slow down our evolution. We are to ascend WITH our bodies, NOT above or despite our physicality. Now is a very special time to bring the magic back into our daily lives and remember that things are we THINK they are. If cooking or cleaning are approached not just as necessary chores but as a chance for enlightenment, then that will be the reward of having performed what had to be.

Kindly note that all the time given below are in PST (Pacific Standard Time). For the East Coast, add 3 hours. For France, Switzerland, add 9 hours….

THE VOID OF COURSE MOON (making no aspect to any planet before it enters the following sign). During those few hours, avoid scheduling anything of importance as contracts and promises will be voided. But these are perfect times for going within, meditating, thinking more deeply about our lives and focusing on our dreams.

The Moon will be V/C:

Saturday, Feb 3 from 2:55 AM till 6:34 AM when the Moon enters Virgo
from 6:34 AM, until the Moon enters Libra (02/5 at 6:15 PM), schedule anything related to health, nutrition as well as order, cleaning and reorganization.

Monday, Feb 5 from 2:36 PM till 6:15 PM when the Moon enters Libra
from 6:15 PM, until the Moon enters Scorpio (02/8 at 7:09 AM), schedule anything related to relationships, dating, harmony and beauty (both personal and in our surroundings)….

Thursday, Feb 8 from 3:38 AM till 7:09 AM when the Moon enters Scorpio
from 7:09 AM until the Moon enters Sagittarius (02/10 at 7:01 PM), schedule anything related to transformation, sexuality, profound research….

Saturday, Feb 10 from 2:39 AM till 7:01 PM when the Moon enters Sagittarius
from 7:01 PM until the Moon enters Capricorn (02/13 at 3:42 AM), schedule lectures, as well as anything related to traveling, philosophy and foreign countries.

Tuesday, Feb 13 from 0:45 AM till 3:42 AM when the Moon enters Capricorn
from 3:42 AM until the Moon enters Aquarius (02/14 at 7:24 PM), schedule anything related to your career, social status, requiring discipline.

Wednesday, Feb 14 at 7:24 PM till Thursday, Feb 15 at 8:34 AM when the Moon enters Aquarius
from 8;34 AM until the Moon enters Pisces (02/17 at 10:30 AM), schedule anything related to humanitarian activities, social groups and visionary ideals…

Saturday, Feb 17 from 8:14 AM till 10:30 AM when the Moon enters Pisces
from 10:30 am until the Moon enters Aries (02/19 at 11:06 AM), schedule anything related to music, meditation, artistic inspiration, dreaming, or of a mystical nature.

Monday, Feb 19 from 8:43 AM till 11:06 AM when the Moon enters Aries
from 11:06 AM until the Moon enters Taurus (02/21 at 12:03 PM), schedule anything requiring personal assertion, forceful, direct action…

Wednesday, Feb 21 from 9:41 AM till 12:03 PM when the Moon enters Taurus
from 12;03 PM until the Moon enters Gemini (02/23 at 2:42 PM), schedule anything related to money, land, gardening, sensuality….

Friday, Feb 23 from 11:47 AM till 2:42 PM when the Moon enters Gemini
from 2:42 PM until the Moon enters Cancer (02/25 at 7:38 PM), schedule anything requiring communication, phone calls, letters, social gatherings…

Sunday, Feb 25 from 5:21 PM till 7:48 PM when the Moon enters Cancer
from 7:48 PM until the Moon enters Leo (02/28 at 3:29 AM), schedule anything related to your home, your family, food, caring for others and ourselves, nurturing, comfort….

Monday, Feb 26 at 10:03 PM till Tuesday Feb 28 at 3:29 AM when the Moon enters Leo
from 3;29 AM, until the Moon enters Virgo (March 2, 1:32 PM), schedule anything related to children, fun, celebrations, glamour….

Our intentional meditation begins with the Full Moon in Leo, on Thursday, Feb 1. Make sure that by exactly 9:45 PM you have placed as many blank sheets as you will have intentions, out to bask in the light of the Full Moon (even if it isn’t visible). Put them away in a folder until the next New Moon in Aquarius on Saturday, Feb 17. Write a clear, concise but precise intention on each previously charged blank sheet and place them outside (or by a window) by exactly 8:14 AM. After that moment has passed, stapled your sheets together, write the date, put them away in a folder, and…. expect a miracle!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Friday, 02/02: Mercury enters Pisces (at 1:20 AM until Feb 26)

The next few weeks, expect more sensitive information to be shared. We may feel more spaced out, mystically inclined and attracted to the ocean and music. Meditation, tons of rest and time alone should be favored. Artists will be particularly inspired, especially in non-verbal medias. Channeling could be particularly powerful and connect us with more subtle dimensions of consciousness.

Saturday, 02/03: Mars Sextile Uranus (2:42 AM), Sun Sextile Jupiter (7;47 AM)

A day of constructive action. Any kind of scientific research -including astrology-, is favored today. A great day to acquire and/or learn to use a technologically advanced new gadget. New opportunities are likely to come through unusual friends. Wonderful also for a spontaneous trip that will expand our horizons both within and without. Anything related to the law, higher education, charities, foreign cultures, lecturing, writing, philosophy and religion is favored today.

Wednesday, 02/07: Venus Conjunct Uranus (10:56 AM)

Today is the day to accept an invitation to a social event. We are likely to meet some highly original new people walking to the sound of their own drummer who can introduced us to new ideas, new groups, and expanded visions of our place in the world we live in. Wonderful for a fun, exciting date. A romance started today may or may not prove to be long-lasting, but will definitely help free us from old ways of being and feeling.

Thursday, 02/08: Sun Conjunct Neptune (7:54 AM)

We may feel a little spaced out today, more dreamy than usual, needing peace, harmony and rest. We shall definitely be able to, more readily than usual, see the magic and the inner beauty in the people we encounter and the situations around us, connecting to our environment at a deep soul level. Wonderful for artistic creativity and to experience unconditional love.

Friday, 02/09: Venus Square Jupiter (3:31 AM)

A day where a romantic relationship that isn’t bringing us enough of a sense of adventure could
be tested. Beware of being too impulsively insensitive to a the broader picture and acting too much out of just a personal need for freedom and short term excitement. Intimate relationships could also suffer today from words spoken too honestly and/or from a conviction that we are right while the other person isn’t. Beware also of laziness and impulsive spending. Not the wisest day for shopping as we could end up spending money we don’t really have.

Saturday, 02/10: Sun Opposition Saturn (10:42 AM)

Some of the harsher realities in our lives could all of sudden dawn on us and paint a more gloomy picture than necessary. Today, we shouldn’t allow depression, nor too much realism, to taint the magic of our lives making us forget that with faith all things that we believe and feel in in our hearts as being already real, we can create in physical reality. Not the best day to ask for a raise, nor for the support of others in positions of authority.

Tuesday, 02/13: Venus Sextile Mars (2:47 PM), Mercury turns Retrograde at 8:38 PM (see opening paragraph)

Great for a date. Ideas improving business, romance and/or social activities could be most productive today. New skills are also likely to be developed which will help us in our work, our artistic activities and our personal lives. Brilliance could be associated with this Mercury Retrograde period. Visionary feelings, humanitarian activities, far out projects could all come back into the limelight making us re-align where we’re going with where we’ve been. Impressions and wisdoms from ancient times and civilizations could resurface bringing a whole new understanding of where we are now standing. Compassionate feelings as well as mystical and psychic experiences are more likely than not to happen during this 3 weeks period.

Saturday, 02/17: Sun Sextile Pluto (5:06 AM)

A day of profound inner and outer transmutation. It could feel like we’re shedding an old skin. We may be asked to go to the depths of ourselves, to face our inner demons and our shadow so that more of our inner truth can emerge. We shall feel lighter for it and should not shy when faced with the challenge of revealing all that we are. Let us never forget that it is darkness which defines light. Today, possible manipulations and power games will be easily recognized and prevented. A wonderful transit to reform what needs to be in our lives.

Sunday, 02/18: Sun enters Pisces (at 5:09 PM until March 20th)

The next few weeks may connect us with the more mystical aspects of life. There is a need for more personal space, day-dreaming and sleeping. Artistic creation is particularly favored, as well as anything requiring unconditional love and universal compassion. We could feel that we have less of a filter with regard to our environment and are more sensitive to negative influences. Best to avoid those people and situations that seem to drain our energy, and focus of beauty, music and the magic of life.

Monday, 02/20: Venus Square Pluto (7:54 PM)

There could be more of an urgency to be loved today. We could also become more verbal about what we’re NOT receiving in an intimate relationship and want to remedy that. Lack of communication, dissatisfying sex, or power struggles could be more difficult to bear in silence, leading to confrontations, explosive in the worst case scenario, transformative in the best case scenario.

Wednesday, 02/21: Venus enters Aries (at 0:22 AM until March 17)

During the next few weeks, love is expressed more spontaneously and directly. Artistic creativity is also more dynamic and positively aggressive. Financial deals are all or nothing, without any manipulation nor under-handed activity. There is a strong need to be assertive and a desire to be loved for ourselves.

Thursday, 02/22: Sun Conjunct Mercury (8:45 PM)

Communication is direct and positive. Much could be accomplished today, just because what is really felt is also being expressed. A wonderful day to call a business meeting, to make phone calls and write e-mails. Clearing our desks of back-logged work should be accomplished pretty effortlessly.

Sunday, 02/25: Mars enters Aquarius (at 5:33 PM until April 6)

In the next few months Sun in Aquarius natives will be greatly favored. Action takes on a more humanitarian slant and is more futuristic. There is a need to endorse evolutionary endeavors. Great also for any athletic activity, to get back into shape and commit to a fitness program involving some kind of modern technology and/or machinery. There could also be a more marked attraction to fast vehicles and unusual gadgets.

Monday, 02/26: Mercury enters Aquarius (7:00 PM until March 18)

Far out inventions could occur in the next few weeks. Thinking is definitely future-oriented. We won’t shy away from out of the box ideas and could become more technologically inclined, investing time and money in new computerized gadgets. A great period to join group animated by a common vision related to the evolution of humanity as long as we don’t have to give up our own unique individuality. Contacts with extra-terrestrial intelligences could become more obvious.

Wednesday, 02/28: Saturn Opposition Neptune (4:01 AM), Mercury Sextile Pluto (5:13 AM)

A more realistic approach could be at odds with spiritual perceptions. The key is to shift our daily lives by integrating spiritual understandings into the seemingly small things we do. A marked groundedness will occur, anchoring the more mystical sides of ourselves. Today is also excellent for deep research. There is inquisitiveness to our minds that make us simply know what lies beyond the physical realm. Conversations today should be profound and lead us to reveal the depths of our consciousness. Insights will occur downloaded from both higher and inner dimensions.

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