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Angelic miracles, large and small are available to everyone. All that is required of us is that we request help, have a little patience, and maintain an unwavering faith that what we desire will become manifest in Gods perfect timing. Let go of how this will happen. Angels can help us with even the smallest everyday things, like finding lost items.

Not long ago while unloading groceries in the kitchen, I reached up and discovered that one of my earrings was missing from my ear. My heart sank, as this was my favorite pair, with many special memories.

Earlier that day as I was dressing, the thought crossed my mind that maybe it was silly to be wear these lovely earrings just to run errands. But they were so beautiful, I could not resist putting them on!

I had bought them from an artisan in the heart of the historical Rocks district in Sydney during a happy family reunion. The fine hand-worked silver scrolls, intricately woven into the form of a cross with a small moonstone at its heart, instantly caught my eye. They would match my lovely Shankari pendant perfectly!

I do not remember what I paid for them, but they quickly became favorites. I amwearing them in all the happy photos taken with my son during that same family reunion.

Now, as I stood in the kitchen, clasping my nude earlobe, my mind played back over all the places I’d visited that day, scanning for the moment the earring might have slipped off. I had made several stops at various locations across town, and really, the missing earring could have been anywhere by now.

Still, I was not ready to abandon hope just yet. I thoroughly checked my hair, clothing, pockets, purse and shoes. Then scoured the shopping bags in the kitchen, retraced my steps back out to the car, then inside the car, under the seats, under the car, and even under the trunk mat around the spare tire. Nothing!

I felt so sad to lose one of this beautiful pair. The other earring looked so lonely sitting on my dresser; I could not bring myself to put it away. Something told me not to give up hope, even though I felt the lost earring was probably lying on the ground somewhere, possibly in the parking lot of my local grocery store.

I said a prayer to the Angels then, to please help the lost earring find its way back to me. I did not know how this would happen, but I had a feeling that if I had complete faith that the pair of earrings would be reunited, then somehow, miraculously, they would!

The remaining earring sat out on my dresser so I could see and touch it every day, and daily ask that its mate be returned. Every couple of days I would recheck around the garage floor and entrance to my house in case I had missed seeing the small earring during my initial search.

I remember hearing a story of how Hollywood screen legend Marlene Deitrich had lost a beautiful pearl earring while riding on a roller coaster back in 1934. It was found, unfortunately too late for the lovely Marlene to enjoy, seventy-three years later.

Two weeks after losing my treasured earring, I returned from a shopping trip to the same local grocery store. Though I had not given up hope of finding the lost earring, events over the previous week had replaced my thoughts with more pressing concerns. Still, coming home and unloading groceries in the kitchen reminded me of that lost earring, and I wondered now if I would ever see it again. I finished unpacking the groceries with a sigh and went back through the garage to water the garden.

As I passed by the passenger door of my car, something under the front tire caught my eye. I saw a flash of silver and realized – There it is! My lost earring!! I could barely believe my eyes. It was slightly bent and a little the worse for wear, but not in any way damaged!

It appeared to have traveled in between the tire treads, and dropped to the ground under the wheel once the car had come to a stop. As I reached down with awe to pick it up, tears of gratitude filled my eyes. Thank you Angels! I said out loud, and quickly took it back inside to reunite it with its mate. Those earrings hold so many happy memories!

I will never know what really happened, but it is just possible that I dropped that earring as I was getting into the drivers seat on my previous trip to that store. Then, two weeks later I managed to run over it with my front passenger tire while pulling into the adjacent parking space. Whatever happened, the Angels somehow brought my favorite earring back to me, after I prayed to them for help.

I truly believe now, if I did not before, that with a little bit of faith, and lots of help from the Angels, anything is possible!

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