100 WISHES FOR 2007

100 WISHES FOR 2007

About ten years ago I started a practice of writing down 100 wishes for the coming year -that MUST be completed by midnight on New Years Eve.

First you write down all the numbers from 1 to 100 in a column down the left hand margin of a notebook, so you do not have to count along the way. Then start writing down everything you would like to manifest in your year ahead.

The beauty of this exercise is that you are given so many wishes that you eventually run out of things to wish for, just for yourself. At this point, you start to widen your circle of prayers and wishes to your family, your community, the environment, and eventually the entire planet.

It is truly an amazing exercise in getting to know the REAL you – a compassionate, caring soul, who has so much to offer to the world. What we wish for ourselves is what we wish for others, and what we wish for others is really what we wish for ourselves.

My advice is to get started as soon as possible. It usually takes me a couple of sessions over a day or two to finish the entire list.

It is fun to find these lists at the end of each year and see how much you have manifested. Thus it becomes a wonderful exercise in gratitude as well.

With Rainbow Blessings of Light,


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