NEW MOON – December 20, 2006

COSMIC NEWS: Pluto New Moon

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She went to the stallion, whose answers fling from his breath
and his hooves, and whose eyes imagined her freedom…. –C.P. Rosenthal, Elena of the Stars

The SAGITTARIUS NEW MOON is on December 20, 9:00 am EST, 2:00 pm GMT (take it from their on your global time band).

Will transformation. Oh be inspired for the flame. -Rilke

A New Moon on the cusp of Winter Solstice is a powerful cosmic statement, an exclamation point in honor of the turning point of the seasons. Add Pluto to it, aligned with the heart of the Milky Way galaxy and we are on one intense galactic ride of our lives. That powerful horse is coming for you. What a way to start a new year! Amidst the many holy-days, we are called to renew the light from a very deep place, fresh and clear with love and truth.

I recently shared my idea about the cusp of Sagittarius and Capricorn carrying the image of the Unicorn—the one-pointed aim of Sagittarius joined to the mythical beast of CapriCORN. So there you see it, emerging from our galactic center. As planets circle their life-giving stars, so the stars circle this, their own womb of birth.

There the sun does not shine
nor the moon, nor the stars,
nor does the lightning flash.
What to speak of fire!
Because of Thy Light
All is illumined.
With His Shining
Everything shines. –Mundaka Upanishad

What I understand of the 2012 date marked on the Mayan calendar is that it the year of the closest alignment of the Winter Solstice point with the Galactic Center. We’re basically there and nobody is going to miss it.

The sacred tree, honored in myths world-wide, climbed by shamans into celestial worlds is the axis mundi, the pillar that connects Earth with heaven and this cosmic source. When you burn your yule log or light your Christmas tree, remember….

Pluto, however we define it astronomically, is a powerful nuclear transformer. It colors this New Year’s Moon cycle with the theme of letting go and letting god/dess. This is an inner scouring that reflects in our outer lives with global impact. Huge shifts are in progress to prepare for the infusion of galactic beams, already incoming on the charged-up solar flares and coronal mass emissions that are changing weather patterns and heating up the global consciousness shift. If you feel on edge, teetering on the brink of the unknown, that’s the place, we are all there. Karmic cycles are coming back around. Don’t let yourself be pulled back in them. Close your eyes and imagine, imagine bathing in the deep well of light.

In the bright crystal of your eyes
Show the havoc of fire, show its inspired works
And the paradise of its ashes. –Paul Eluard
(quoted by Bachelard, in Psychoanalysis of Fire)

Astrophysicists say a black hole is in the center of the galaxy. What is a black hole? An unknown, unimaginable space filled with infinite potential, subtle immaterial light that unfolds as we download. How pure is the system we are using to downloading? Time to de-bug.

This Pluto New Moon is in the Hindu Moon Mansion called Mula, the root, as the world tree is rooted in the galactic center and the core of the Earth.
The goddess Nirriti rules this Moon Mansion. Like Pluto, she revels in destruction and lives in the kingdom of the dead. She is not “nice.” She roots out the weeds, the old, useless, what is ready to go, to be burned off—like ignorance, fear, regrets, despair, lack. Whatever it takes to get us on the right track, aligned with the Galactic, that’s her strategy.

Be–and yet know the great void where all thing began,
The infinite source of your own most intense vibration,
so that, this once, you may give it your perfect assent. -Rilke

In the Sagittarian spirit, here is a story or, rather a play by Rabindranath Tagore, with a Plutonian character, The King of the Dark Chamber. In this scene he is communing in that dark chamber, like the galactic center, with his beloved Queen Sudarshana. She asks:

Why do you not allow me to see you in the light?
King: So you want to see me in the midst of a thousand things in broad daylight! Why should I not be the only thing you can feel in this darkness?
S: But I must see you–I am longing to have a sight of you.
K: You will not be able to bear the light of me–it will only give you pain, poignant and overpowering.
S: How can you say that I shall be unable to bear your sight? Oh, I can feel even in this dark how lovely and wonderful you are: why should I be afraid of you in the light? But tell me, can you see me in the dark?
K: Yes, I can.
S: What do you see?
K: I see that the darkness of the infinite heavens, whirled into life and being by the power of my love, has drawn the light of a myriad stars into itself, and incarnated itself in a form of flesh and blood. And in that form, what aeons of thought and striving, untold yearnings of limitless skies, the countless gifts of unnumbered seasons!
S: Am I so wonderful, so beautiful? When I hear you speak so, my heart swells with gladness and pride. But how can I believe the wonderful things you tell me? I cannot find them in myself!
K: Your own mirror will not reflect them–it lessens you, limits you, makes you look small and insignificant. But could you see yourself mirrored in my own mind, how grand would you appear! In my own heart, you are no longer the daily individual which you think you are–you are verily my second self.
S: Oh, do show me for an instant how to see with your eyes!

With those eyes, that imagined her freedom, as in the introductory quote.

How strong is your imagination and your spiritual faith to overcome doubts, fears and insecurities? Pluto in the most powerful point of its Sagittarian transit is asking such ultimate, life and death questions.

And, of course, that’s not all! The three other planets that accompany the New Moon in Sagittarius are all challenged by Uranus for unexpected developments and awakenings. Never a dull moment on this roller coaster ride along the galactic plane. AND—our experience of these three planets will be further transmuted by Pluto before they, too, cross over the Unicorn cusp, in the following order:

MERCURY—quicksilver planet of communication, perception, what we are thinking and saying conjuncts Pluto and changes sign December 25-27;

MARS—rusty red planet of action, desires, what we are wanting and doing conjuncts Pluto and changes sign January 13-18, 2007.

JUPITER – gas giant planet of philosophy, beliefs, international affairs, the Big picture and wisdom, takes a whole year IN ITS OWN SIGN, thank god/dess, before meeting Pluto in a grand finale in December 2007, crossing just days before Pluto into Capricorn and a new era.

To help calm things down, SATURN is trining the Pluto New Moon.
Saturn likes order, simplicity. My friend who has five planets and North Node in Capricorn says about this cuspy New Moon, “Before you go into the next room, you need to wipe your feet. It might be the last second you can
do something, so do it or decide not to do it. It might be the last time you have to deal with something, so be grateful. When you are in the new moment you can’t go back. You’ll be in a new place.”

It think it is safe to say that later we’ll look back at 2007 as one of those HUGE years. Get out your golden arrows, warriors of light! with sharp arrow tips aimed at the galactic center, from your heart to its heart, to be

dipped, once dipped in dark oblivion
the soul has peace, inward and lovely peace. –D.H Lawrence

For more on the Galactic Center, see what these two galactic guys have to say:
Philip Sedgwick at
And Eric Francis at


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