Clearing Entities


Use what feels right for you. Release everything else to the Universe with love…

Clearing Entities

Entities are disembodied beings who attach themselves to a persons psychic space in a type of symbiotic relationship. These are beings who like energies at a particular level of dimness. The experience of possession by entities is much like time-sharing your body with another entity.

Relationships with entities are only possible with your agreement. So there are no victims in this dynamic. Part of your agreement is that you keep them invisible and you remain ignorant of their existence. Their thoughts and feelings are identified as your own. So you can see why this can be tricky to identify, much less heal.

Christ and his disciples cleared entities from peoples spaces on a regular basis about 2,000 years ago. This was actually a very common practice in a person’s healing process, back then. The phenomenon of entity attachment to a person’s field is no less common today. It is actually more prevalent than most people want to think about. More than common, I would say that this issue is actually rampant.

There is a lot of negative publicity around clearing entities or performing exorcisms. Movies that address this topic too often have evoked such fear and terror in people that we don not look forward to dealing with this issue at all.

This paper is to clarify this process, so we can approach this with intelligence and knowledge about what this is and what it is not. Our education and skill to safely manage these energies greatly assists us to refine our intention and make requests of the angels so the healing is effective, and we feel confident.

Clearing entities has actually been regarded by some healers as fun, loving, beautiful and uplifting. It is a gift to yourself, to the person you are healing, to the planet and to the entity. Asking the angels to escort the entity to the light makes the process just about as easy as it ever gets, as far as I have experienced.

We have come to this planet at this time to transmute the darkness and density and bring back the spiritual light. You could say that we are here to bring heaven on earth. We come to this place and experience the density, take it on and begin to identify with that. Our divine blueprint gets buried under all this substance. We forget that we are whole and powerful, and that puts us into experiences of wrongfully believing that power exist outside of ourselves.

This actually sets up the dynamics for dependency relationships, grasping in desperation, clinging to others, and experiencing the pain of separation until one day we hear ourselves cry out, Will somebody please, help me? By the time a person gets to this point, they have completely forgotten that they are a tremendous creative force and are in a conscious co-creative partnership with the universe.

We do not experience many cohesive, whole, integrated beings on this planet. There are a lot of psychological explanations for that–neurosis, psychosis, etc. And in many cases, this is a simple experience of being possessed by an attaching entity. All you do is clear the entity and there are tremendous shifts that take place in a persons consciousness.

When a person dies, we hear stories that the deceased goes down a tunnel and at the end of the tunnel is this incredible bright light. Once they go through the light, they go into another dimension and express themselves as a light body.

Now there are beings who when they died, were positioned away from the light. So they came to the tunnel and did not see the light. So they wander around and carry on as if they are still alive. They may not even recognize that they died, if it was a sudden death. But over time, they come to see that they no longer have a sense of physical-ness to operate through. Often, they realize that they cannot have conversations with others, which they may value, they can not be involved with business, have sex, eat food. What are they to do with all these urges?

These beings hang-around for a while until some other person with a body feels hopeless and powerless and asks for help. They come in on another dimension and say, I will make you a deal. I will help you. What do you want? Do you want to feel stronger, happier, make more money, be sexier? I will do what I can to help you be that. Just let me use your body part of the time, so I can eat food, have sex and smoke cigarettes. And all of a sudden, you are time-sharing your body. It’s just as easy as that.

When you get 5, 10, 100, 1000 of those types of agreements going on inside of you, it begins to establish a dynamic where there is a lot of self-doubt, lack of confidence, and feeling stuck. You do not know who to trust or which thoughts are your own.

Frankly, these entities do not care if you evolve as a spiritual being. They are in a particular position of being stuck between dimensions where they do not have the option of evolution. So you may be interested in evolving and expanding into greater levels of light and consciousness. Actually, the experience of light is very painful to them. They are in a position inside of you, having you think that they are you. All they have to do is interfere with your thinking, put in some self-doubt, undermine certain ways you have of thinking and operating. One moment you see yourself reaching your goals and all of a sudden, you did not make it again and don’t know why.

Everything that is in you and of you is designed to support the full expression of your divinity. There is nothing within you that does not want to help. And people experience blocks and resistance energies that they have. But in many cases, they just are not you. If they were aspects of your own consciousness, they would be very much interested in supporting the full expression of your essence.

A lot of beings that are in this position know that now is the time and are ready to go and are done playing this drama of time-sharing bodies and being lost between dimensions. There are other beings that, as far as they’re concerned, have absolutely no intention of going to the light. They died and could not find any light. They like the connection of time-sharing with another and get to enjoy some earthly pleasures every now and again. Then there is another level of entity, which we may call the dark forces. These are beings who consciously do what they can to interfere with a more full expression of light. They are not bad exactly, just very ignorant. They don’t know that they’re also light. There is no classic battle between the forces of good and evil at work here.

Now you may be one of these people who cannot imagine the possibility of having an attaching entity. Who me? I would never be opened to such a thing. I have been on a spiritual path for 25 years. How could anything like that possibly happen to me?!?

Even though your intention on your spiritual path may be an expression for love and light, you may be open to dependency relationships. If you are open to dependency relationships with beings who have bodies, you are also open to dependency relationships with beings who don’t have bodies. There really isn’t any difference. Except the dependency relationships with beings who do not have bodies are a little harder to see. But a dependency with a being in a body undermines the expression of your own spirit, just as much as a dependency relationship with a
being without a body.

Things to be aware of when working with clearing entities:

-Entities can attach in organs in the body, in chakras, in the aura. When they leave there is a sense of a vacancy that feels quite freeing. There usually is a very distinct sense that there was something there and now it’s gone. Please take the time to fill this space with the original essence energies of the person being healed. Ask the angels to do this.

-The greatest asset of these entities is their invisibility. If they can convince you that they are not there, they are home free. They can manipulate you better than anyone you have ever seen, since they have access to your files. But as soon as they have been identified or seen, then they’re essentially busted. At that point, their ability to manipulate you is altered. Once they have been identified, the only thing they can use is different forms of seduction or coercion. They may threaten you to make you fearful, or try to negotiate with you on another level. Remember, anything they try to offer you, your own spirit can do better.

-Entities love to engage in power struggles. So neutrality is the best way to approach this issue. If you have ever hated somebody or fought somebody, this is an absolutely strong way to bond with that person. It’s just as powerful a bonding as love. You connect like magnets. The more you fight and struggle with them, the more they stay, because they are masters of using that energy. I strongly suggest that you do not participate with these entities directly in any form. Whatever you participate with, you lend your energy to the further creation of it. Ask the angels to manage the healing of these issues.

-These entities are actually your spiritual brothers and sisters on this planet. You could be one of them looking for a body just as easily as they are. It just so happens that this time you got the body and they are looking for someone to hang-out with.

– It’s very doubtful that you just have 2 of these entities. There may be several of these beings within you that need to be released. You may have hundreds or even thousands of these attaching entities. Realizing this can be very humbling. Be very gentle with yourself. You have taken on the density at a planetary level to transmute this back to light, remember? Be relaxed, open and receptive and allow the angels to escort them all into the light. This is a very beautiful and loving service.

-Tune into your energy field after the clearing. Enjoy the peace and serenity that comes from this process, the energy that is free, the space you have available to yourself again. This is a very good process for removing self-doubt from your life. After a while, whatever comes up inside of you, you will know it is you and you’ll just follow your guidance cause it is yours to do.

The following is a simple yet very powerful process for clearing entities.

InterDimensional Healing Process

You can perform the following healing on yourself or on another. Begin by asking permission from the universe if this is appropriate. If you get a yes then proceed to the following:

I call all beings of 100% light from whatever spiritual dimension they exist, who have the information, ability, love and commitment to work with me now in clearing entities and moving them into realms of light. I also request healing on the dynamics that attract these experiences to me (or on _______ name of another.) I call for the assistance of beings of light who are specialist in this field, individuals of integrity, committed to the highest good for myself (or __________) and who work from the unfoldment of love.

I ask that the space in which we are working be filled with the light of the highest protection, that all vibrations contrary to universal clarity be transmuted back to light. I ask that this healing space be surrounded and protected with the gold energy of Consciousness and the InterDimensional Healing Angels. I thank all those who have worked with me and __________throughout my life and ask that they be present also. I declare this space prepared for the work that is to be done and so it is.

After a clearing like this, there is space created in the psychic field. It is always a great idea to fill up the space with energy of your own choosing. You can read one or several of the Reality Statements to fortify the quality of life that you would rather have.

The following are examples of the kind of reality you want to create to replace the old reality. These statements are positive affirmations to help us create a better world.

Reality Statements for Clearing Entities

I live in a world where I exist as an autonomous, empowered, tremendous creative force in a conscious co-creative partnership with the universe. I now release all agreements and contracts to time-share my body with other beings.

Love is the universal-force that I and everything is made of. I am now a full expression of that reality. Love is light in everyone and everything.

I live my life in self-love, self-trust, clarity, confidence and flow with the universal creative force within me. I experience myself as a cohesive, whole, integrated being on this planet actively manifesting heaven on earth.

I now call the Angelic team to move any and all disembodied entities into the light thereby assisting them in completing their death process and manifesting a more full expression of my own essence.

I now reclaim all my emotional experiences, my thoughts, feeling, physical urges as my own. Any other energies interfering with a direct experience of my essence on all levels is hereby released to the light. This is happening now.

I am supported in the full expression of my own divinity. I magnify and amplify my divine blueprint from deep within me and choose to live my life from this premise.

I experience purity of intention based in love in all that I do. Now is a time of awakening on this planet when even darkness is revealed to be light. Love is all there really is.

I am free to be more expansive in my own creations and personal expression. I release all attaching entities to finish their death process by bringing them to the light and beyond.

I live in a world where all my relationships are healthy, functional, and supportive of the expression and expansion of my true self. The world mirrors this with clarity and beauty.

I now live in a world that is emerging fully, vibrant, alive and brimming with spiritual love and light. I command a full expression of my divinity now and for my future.

All aspects of myself are brought back to their patterns of perfection, filled with divine love, light and my own essence. I release all entities that may have attached to any organs of my body, the chakra system, muscles, blood, aura on any and all planes and sub-planes to immediately be brought to the light for the evolution of their souls. This is happening now.

Allow the new reality to emerge from deep within you, take deep breaths and just allow this process to be completed. Be in a relaxed, open and receptive mode to allow the angels to assist and support you in this work. Then ask the angels to do the following:

Activate a strengthening of the subtle bodies and physical system, which may have been altered from this experience. I call for the Chakra Master Guide to clear the chakra system, which has supported the old reality of all stored distorted energy. I ask that the chakras be integrated, nourished, spun and balanced appropriately. I ask that the angelic team seal the aura with the new reality, new energies and information from this healing. I ask that the beings stay with me until this process is refined and brought to a state of completion.

I send love and gratitude to all the beings of light who have be
en instrumental in this healing.

Spend some time at the end doing some grounding work. Anchor the new reality and all shifts into the core of the earth.

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