HECATES TIME – Hallowmass

The Dark Season Begins – Hallowmass

Hallows is the time of the year when the veil between the worlds is the thinnest – a time of introspection; a time of oracles, a time to honor our ancestors – a time of meditation – a time of personal discovery. With the veil thin, we can see forward and backward on the Path of Time. It is a time to meditate, consult an oracle, scry into the past and future, and perhaps receive a suggestion from the Fates regarding the future.

Within the Dianic tradition, the Wheel of the Year corresponds to the Sacred Stages of Womans Life. This is Hecate’s time. She awaits at Her crossroads. We will greet Her, and learn of Her relationship to women who are approaching, or who have attained, Crone Age. Stepping out of time for just a moment, we will call on Hecate at Her Crossroads, She who is most closely associated with this Holy Day.

She may take you into your future for a glimpse of what awaits you. This is the time for our internal work, to decide what we need to remove from our lives – and what we need to bring into our lives. It is time to nurture the seeds of our future, and prepare ourselves for the coming year of opportunities. Happy Hallowmass!

(with Blessings to the Goddess Temple of Orange Country and Priestesses from the Abbey of Avalon)

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