ASTROLOGY – Mercury Retrograde

Mercury turns retrograde on October 28 at 3:16pm.EDT (California time) at 26 degrees in Scorpio. (Mercury appears to travel backwards three or four times each year)

Mercury is the ruler of the mind and communication, and also governs travel. Conversations, correspondence and computers may not function as we expect them to during this time. (Good to back up your files now)

The retrograde station is the point where the planet changes directions, so it appears to be holding still in the sky. A few days prior and a few days after October 28, while Mercury is at retrograde station, things may become more difficult.

October 28 through November 17, is a time for exploring the past – not a good time to start something new. It’s a good time to go back and check contracts, and double-check all forms of communication and transportation. Delays, detours and bumps in the road often come up during travel at this time.

A few days prior and a few days after November 17 is the most difficult period of this transit. Don’t sign any contracts or make any life-changing decisions at this time, because these may have to be revised.

But mercury retrograde is a wonderful time to slow down and go inwards – for reflection, contemplation, spiritual work, meditation, renegotiation and revitalization. Look at areas that have been neglected and rework them, in preparation for when Mercury goes direct and the energies begin to turn outwards again.

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