OCTOBER 17th – Stargate: What’s it all about?

Many people are hearing that October 17th is a special day – a day that holds great potential to manifest good things. So what’s it all about?

There is confirmation from many mystic sources that October 17th could be a day of major energy shifts for our planet. This energy alignment has been gradually coming together in the universe for a long time, and will continue on afterwards.

Energies from the Masters will be moving around us and through us, uplifting our hearts and minds, and integrating us all into a higher vibration.

We are told that many gifts will be flowing to us from the Universe on that day, so it is a day to extend and receive gratitude on all levels. It is a day to call upon Love and the God Source for blessings for ourselves and others, and to treat this day as a Holy day.

We are told to pay close attention to your dream state, as new understanding will be opening to us. This day, and the whole month of October is a good time to live more closely with the beauty and power of the Source energy within us.

We’re also told that the power of the mind will be greater than it has ever been previously. “Whatever we think will be created.” We’re being reminded that, through our thoughts, we are all powerful manifestors; both in our individual lives and in the world we create around us.

The idea that every thought on this day could be magnified a million times is a little daunting for mere mortals. Unless we are saints, it’s likely that some of our thoughts that do not come from Love will enter our minds in any given 24 hr period. So how should we approach this day?

Should any dark thoughts arise on the 17th, simply surrender them, and let them flow away from you. Don’t be afraid, and don’t struggle against such thoughts. Simply let them go. With Love. This is all part of the integration process.

It occurs to me that the instructions we’ve been given for October 17th also apply to every day of our lives. If only we could remember each day to be fully open to receiving love and blessings, to let go of thoughts that are not worthy of us as Divine reflections of the Light, to focus on what would bring us the most joy instead of what has pained us in the past, and to be grateful in every way for the abundance that exists within us and all around us – that would make every day a Holy day!

Happy October 17th!


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