AIR TRAVEL NEWS – Beauty and the Beastly

…might be more convenient and cost-effective if Airport Security
employed a battalion of professional psychics
to help scrutinize air travelers…

Airline travel is a parched and ugly wasteland for women these days.

They might as well hand out free disposable burkas to every woman standing in the security checkpoint line, after forcing them to dump all their weapons of beauty:-

Toothpaste, cosmetics, perfume, deodorant, hair products, oils, lotions, hand sanitizer, and of course water!

And this is just for a domestic flight within the USA. International travelers face much stiffer restrictions – London’s Heathrow airport being the worst.

Men may still carry their chapstick onto the plane, along with a variety of tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers (under seven inches) and metal scissors (under four inches.) Are you noticing the general trend here?

Recently, I inadvertently caused a delay at a crowded check-point when I forgot that V8 Juice is also a banned substance. Knowing there would be no meals served on the five-hour flight I was rushing to catch, I made the mistake of asking if, rather than tossing the juice, I could drink it instead.

I had seen mothers being forced to drink their own breast milk from baby bottles, so it seemed a fair question. But my request only flagged me as an elevated security risk – I was pulled aside for an additional weapons search.

EVERYONE looks suspicious shuffling barefoot, frightened and half undressed, as they inch their way through these seething post-modern humiliation zones. Stress levels are enormous. Many people miss their flights altogether, business is being lost, and everyone goes thirsty!

I am fully aware of the sobering events which triggered this continued airport chaos.

But I cannot help wondering whether it might be more convenient and cost-effective if Airport Security employed a battalion of professional psychics to help scrutinize air travelers as they pass through these checkpoints.

This does not seem any more extreme than the current repression of all things feminine in this post-Taliban age of air travel.

Headsets? Magazine? Burka?


I’ll just like some water please!

I don’t mind living in a man’s world as long as I can be a woman in it.
Marilyn Monroe

To prevent having to dump expensive personal items from your carry-on luggage before a flight, go to the TSA website (or the equivalent in your country) to find out what’s still allowed.

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