collage by Dana Hunt,
one of the special 9/41 incarnations
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The FULL MOON on SEPTEMBER 7 is charged with electro-magnetic enlightening lightning bolts from Uranus. This wild blue planet is SO close to the Moon, that we may be able to see it, at a distance of about ten full moons up toward two o’clock from the Moon. Whether storms may literally sweep waters and winds through our weather systems, surely the psychic weather is going to be charged up by thunder and lightning gods: Wake up! Listen! Tune in! Don’t you know we are in a huge tide of change!

Especially affected are people born:
*Sept, March, December and June 5-9 (and even up to the 19th);
*September 1935-July 1937:
*July 1945-May 1946;
*October 1964-June 1966;


AND the Moon is at its closest point to Earth this year, so it looks especially large.

AND it’s an ECLIPSE. Visible in western Australia, central Asia, and the eastern half of Africa, some of you will be seeing the moon partially disappear. Those dark moments are the best time to look for Uranus. An eclipse always shifts the energy, sometimes in subtle ways, but it won’t be so subtle with the presence of Uranus.

This partial eclipse gains in planetary dynamics what it loses in its lack of totality. Revolutionary Uranus is with the Moon on one side of the sky. Across the way in Virgo, we have Sun, Venus, Mercury and Mars. These three planets are starting a caravan, as they move from sign to sign through the fall, gathering more planetary party-goers as they go.

MERCURY is closest to the Sun and is at its best in Virgo, practical and down to Earth, dealing with the details nobody else sees or wants to deal with. It likes systems, but is organic, flexible, and situationally-responsive. It takes the surprises a Uranus-charged eclipse brings and figures out what to do. Venus and Mars add their emotional pragmatism. It’s wise to listen to the instinctive wisdom in your mind-body organic system.

The NODES of the MOON are eclipse markers, now in Virgo and Pisces for about 18 months. The South Node, called the Dragon Tail, is in 26 degrees Virgo, perfectly conjunct the Mean Black Moon. Anything conjunct the south node comes right through, with a blessings and curse, we could say. If we can find a way to answer the challenge Black Moon Lilith makes, she has a lot to offer. In Virgo, she evokes the anima mundi, world soul. As it responds to extraordinary cosmic input, Earth is shaking and waking us up. New responses are called for, tuned and timed in deep resonance with Earth energy. Scenarios are changing. The membrane between physical and metaphysical is permeable, as our bodies respond to natural rhythms and pulsations—which are shifting frequencies.

In my BLACK MOON LILITH booklet (ACS Publications), I include lines from the Gnostic Gospels to hint at the meaning of Black Moon in Virgo:

What is inside of you is what is outside of you,
And what you see outside of you, you see inside of you.
It is visible and it is your garment.

The energy of this Full Moon, with this spiritually potent influence from Black Moon, can open our awareness to the play of life as a dramatic illustration of our inner state of being. If we do not allow our bodies to move in the new flow, we may find our health compromised. It may be that the Earth can take care of herself, but we may feel increasingly ill at ease until we retune our daily lives to natural rhythms. How glorious and untamed Nature can be. We attract situations to us based on our psychic health. Black Moon Lilith is hinting in a “strangely seductively musical whisper” (George Bernard Shaw) particularly to people born:

*September and March 18-20
*October 1939-September 1941
Anyone born September 1941, an eclipse month much like this one, has an extraordinary alignment going on. Eclipses that month were on Sept. 5 and a total one on Sept. 21.

The heightening and sensitivity to Earth energy is enhanced as well by the conjunction of Neptune (vibrational sensitivity) with Ceres, the Earth Mother. It is meaningful and hopeful for the health of our home planet that Ceres has been “upgraded” to a dwarf planet. “Please pay more attention to me,” she welcomes us. “I weave the Big Dream of Earth’s growth and beauty.”

People have been asking me what I think about the “demotion” of Pluto from full planetary status to “dwarf” planet. Astronomers got together and revamped our solar system in an attempt to keep up with new discoveries that don’t fit into to any tidy category. An icy rock, smaller than Mercury, tiny Pluto never quite fit in line after the huge gas giant planets.

This is great! As a sky lover, I am so pleased when people pay attention to the glorious heavens. Even that erroneous internet article going around about Mars being the brightest in thousands of years—in 2003, not this year– bigger than the full moon—not this year, not ever!—has us excited about the sky.

The astrology internet circles are buzzing, of course, and so is the press. Several prominent astrologers were queried by the Wall Street Journal. A New York Times feature reporter wrote a piece called “I Love Pluto.” The current cover of Newsweek headlines “Requiem for a Planet,” directed to Pluto. I found that rather amusing, since mythically Pluto is the god of death and lord of the underworld.

Astrologers have a healthy respect for Pluto. It has proven itself a pretty potent player since even before it’s discovery in 1930. Whatever we call it, Pluto is going to do its thing from the far reaches of what we can now call the post-classical solar system. I can imagine this dark, shadowy god, hidden behind his Darth Vader-like mask, a sinister chuckle in his throat: “Those astronomers can all go to hell!” Pluto is the god of the death (and rebirth), of plutocracy, plutonium, poisons– and terrorism. Maybe this “downgrade” of Pluto is a good thing. Let’s just make sure about what we are doing. There is a lot of public controversy and strong feelings about Pluto. Darn right!

NOTE: For more on this see my new blog page:
Podcast coming soon!

PLUTO, whatever we call it, has a big say in the effects of this eclipse. In-between the dragon head (north node of the Moon) and the dragon tail (south node), Pluto suggest a turning point of sorts. It’s now or never, is a Pluto kind of statement that is relevant this moon. It’s great that Pluto is so in the news lately, as people question, comment on and express feelings about its meaning. Representing a deep current of the collective consciousness, this little planet, or more recognized as a double planet with its companion, CHARON stirs up powerful undercurrents in a timely, inevitable way. It is a major player in the next New Moon on September 22, making for another eclipse, on fall equinox. I love it when New or Full Moons coordinate with seasonal shifts. It makes it obvious that the celestial patterns have magic moments that we instinctively recognize.

Let’s savor this Full Moon, appreciate the wonder and impact of the eclipse, welcome change as timely and appropriate. We’ll figure it out as we go.

ECLIPSE ASTRO-SPECIALS for September for all those born in the categories above. $90/ hour. For September 1941 people, $50/hour.


Dr. Kelley Hunter is a long-time astrologer and mythologist, writer and artist. Astrologer-in-Residence for the Self Centre International at Caneel Bay Resort and the Omega Institute programs in St. John, VI, she also leads star gazing nights for star-struck visitors. She is a member of the Board of the International Society for Astrological Research. Explore her website at

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