International Angel Day – September 10, 2006
The angels gave Doreen Virtue very clear guidance to facilitate a day of angel workshops, prayers, and invocations . . . worldwide.
Join us on Sunday, September 10, 2006 for International Angel Day, a day where Doreen Virtue and Angel Therapy Practitioners® and Angel Intuitives™ worldwide will be holding angel workshops and teaching about angelic healing and communication.
International Angel Day is the day prior to the five year anniversary of September 11, 2001. The angels want us to hold this event so that we’ll all focus on light instead of dark, and focus on love instead of on fear.
Join us in prayer and angelic invocation on September 10, 2006. Ten percent of the profits from this worldwide event will be donated to children’s charities local to each event.

Events will be held in:

Arizona California Connecticut Colorado Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota North Carolina New Hampshire New Jersey Nevada New York Ohio Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island Texas Virginia Washington Wisconsin
Australia Canada Colombia Denmark Germany Ireland Japan Latvia Malaysia Netherlands New Zealand Slovania Switzerland United Kingdom
Meditation and Prayer for International Angel Day Sept 10
from Doreen Virtue Ph.D.
Beloved Creator and all of the angels in heaven and upon earth:

We set our crystal clear intentions this day to live in a peaceful world, a world where all living beings are respected and honored, a world where there is plentiful abundance for all, a world of cooperation, and a world of laughter, playfulness, and joy.

Together, we ask for Divine Intervention to blanket the earth and her population with healing love and light. This light and love, being God’s will and creation, is the only power which truly exists. Let us now awaken collectively from the past nightmares of darkness, fear, or pain.

As we look back upon September 11, 2001, let our focus be upon the goodness and good will displayed by the people who rescued, provided, and cared for others. Let our focus on the dawn of the fifth anniversary of September 11 be a unified vision of an elevated model of humanity.

Each of us is a Divine child of God who has goodness inherently within. The more that we see the goodness within ourselves and others, the more we bring this God-given trait to the surface.

In this world of seeming duality, the flip side of light – darkness – can seem real and imposing. Yet this darkness stems from the belief that we could be something other than our very nature. It stems from the fear that we are separated from God, from the angels, and from each other.

This frightening thought then leads to the very conclusion which is the basis of earthly darkness: there is a lack of supply. In order to meet my needs for food, housing, land, money, acknowledgment, and ultimately the love that I crave, then I better hurry up and compete with everyone else so that I can get my share.

Yet like the worst nightmare we can experience while sleeping, there is a different reality when we awaken and remember that only God’s creation is real . . . and God, who is all-loving, created only love. Everything else is a product of the fearful thought of separation.

We are awakening from the old dreams of darkness and collectively remembering love. We are remembering that we each have mighty and Divinely appointed purposes that involve being teachers, healers, and role models of love and light. We are remembering and reawakening our spiritual gifts and power! We are remembering that we can manifest and attract our needs instead of competing for them.

I recently met a group of people in their 20’s who are fulfilling their purpose in a wonderful way which we can all model after. Before they fall asleep every night, they each say to the Divine Creator:

“Please give me a Divine Assignment during my dream time and send my soul and spirit where I can best bring love, light, and peace to the planet.”

For the past few weeks, this group has been soul-traveling to the Middle East during their dream time. They’ve used crystals, wands, healing energy, and prayer as Heaven uses them as Earth Angels in the name of peace. Each morning, they all remember the same “dream” and recall each others’ presence in the experience.

Clearly, this is the emerging power of the Indigo Generation who have a collective purpose of ushering out the old energy of competition and greed, and ushering in the new energy of cooperation and manifestation. We can all join with the Indigos in this endeavor.

We each have free will to choose love or fear in every thought, word, and deed. We know that the best way to experience peace on earth is to be peaceful ourselves. Let us now use our free will to ask God and the angels to help keep our thoughts, emotions, and actions centered in love.

Beloved Creator,

I choose to make a positive difference in the world and to live a life dedicated to peace, love, and cooperation. I ask that you send additional angels to my side to help me stay centered in my commitment to love and peace.

Angels, please help me to see myself and all others through your eyes, with compassion, and to see the light within us all. Help me to look past the ego and fearful behavior, and to remember that we truly are one, forever united with God.

I now ask for additional angels to be sent to:

Collectively as a group, let’s send love and light to the entire planet right now.

In God’s peaceful love, it is so.


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