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To make your home a Healthy Home, one of the most important areas to look at is where you spend an average 8 hours in one spot. During a restful night’s sleep, we produce Melatonin. This is one of the foundation-stones of our Immune System, which helps us to ward off disease.

However, research tells us that low level exposures to electro-magnetic fields not only disrupt our production of Melatonin, but may also block Melatonin’s ability to suppress breast cancer cells. It is, therefore, especially important to keep out of electromagnetic fields at night.

Whether looking at your home, or consulting with others, make sure that the bed is well away from any electrical appliances. Here is a quick checklist, just as a starting-point –

The bedhead – What iss against the wall behind the bed? Or the adjoining room? Computer/fridge/tv/microwave/dishwasher/? Any electrics in the bedhead?

Junction/fusebox – Especially make sure this is not behind or near the bed.

Digital Clock Radio – the transformers inside these can have huge fields.

Bedside lights – for the same reasons, use incandescent bulbs not low-voltage

Sleeping blankets – have huge fields when on, large fields when still plugged in, and the metal grid can conduct fields even when they’re unplugged.

TVs, DVDs and other entertainment appliances – preferably not in the bedroom, but at least keep them away from the bed and unplugged at night.

Make sure that any appliances are a minimum of 3-4 feet away from the bed. And, remember – electric fields constantly run through appliances and their leads, even when turned OFF. They need to be unplugged at night.

Alison Wilson is a Sydney, Australia based Feng Shui teacher and Healthy Homes consultant. Alison can be contacted at alison@healthhomes.com.au, www.healthyhomes.com

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