Conscious Birthing

Consciously Birthing the New Generations

by Donna Grey-Virtue

For Thousands of years and worldwide we have and still do in many countries, birth as naturally as our dear animal friends so instinctively do. For so many of us we have lost this ability, trust and the opportunity to incredibly experience this pure and natural spiritual birthing process.

The new sensitive, wise and psychic souls of today who are known as the “Indigo/Crystal and Rainbow” generations are speaking to us through our guidance systems on how they would like to experience their own birthing process. 

Many Doulas (someone who supports the mother and baby through labor and birth) and Midwives often say to the mothers “It’s your baby who guided you here.”

These souls have started their own communication systems and have guided many mothers towards the right people for the right kind of pregnancy and birthing care.

Many women who have never done Yoga before, all of a sudden have this urge to start yoga when they are pregnant – this is the newly aware and deep inner wisdom of our highly evolved generations within our very own “GUT” and our angelic guidance systems/signs.

These souls are asking for us to read more on Consciously Birthing and move away from the very traditional hospital and C-Section/drug supported births – unless this procedure is absolutely necessary, this then becomes a part of that soul’s journey.

Many who have been through a guided re-birthing experience and can remember their birth are emotionally distraught at the reality of this birthing experience. We can spend 9 months in the safety, comfort and energy of our mothers’ wombs to then experience the world we enter by: being pulled out (C-Section), sometimes still slapped, then immediately away from the only place/person we have ever known in a very fast/way too bright and very unfamiliar environment.

Many say that this transition only occurs for a few minutes before the child is reunited with the mother, and the child could never possibly remember. However, those few minutes truly can have a very big impact on that child’s entire life, and the memories are returning alongside conscious development.

The distrust of people, the fear of hospitals, the fear of abandonment, the effect on relationships and a distrust  of systems and procedures are but a few of these impacts. There have been many comparative studies and books written on home/natural birthing Vs hospital/drug supported birthing. The results and the photographs of a consciously-birthed chlid compared with an unconsciously-birthed child truly do speak for themselves.

A great book on consciously birthing is “SPIRITUAL MIDWIFERY” by Ina May Gaskin.

As we move towards the Aquarian/Golden Age it is necessary for us to prepare ourselves in so many ways to live the kind of lifestyle that is intended for this higher vibrational energy shift. Yoga, exercise, meditation, fresh organic whole foods, speaking in truth and acting in love are all some of the powerful daily practices that will lead the way in the Aquarian/Golden Age.

Our generations of Indigo/Crystal and Rainbow Children that are coming through now are all completely aware of this shift and are here to help us integrate and move towards it.

These children do not want to come through our hospital systems! They want to birth naturally and spiritually; they want their parents to experience the explosive joy and enlightenment that comes with the strength and the knowledge of the higher consciousness in listening and riding the waves of the body during labor and birth.

Thousands of women have said that naturally birthing is the most sacred, powerful and spiritual experience of their entire human existence. Many women enter their Doctor’s office as soon as they find out they are pregnant saying “I want an epidural” without the beneficial knowledge of the natural birthing experience, nor the consequences of an unconscious birth.

If we were educated, guided and supported on how to work with, and truly listen to our bodies and REMEMBER what we have forgotten over the generations as powerful women, we would all have the strength, ability and instinctive knowledge to birth in the way that our baby guides us to.

Donna Grey-Virtue  


Donna Virtue has been widely exposed to the spiritual community all her life internationally. She is the forthcoming author of several books and a meditational/guidance CD for children and teens.  

She has taught in the mainstream education system internationally (Pre-School-High School) for over 14 years and left to pursue a spiritual educational vision for all children, parents/caretakers and educators worldwide. 


Her passion lies in changing the way our children are currently learning in our education systems. She has been guided and coached by many world acclaimed leaders.


Donna Virtue is a qualified Pre-School & High School Educator, Angel Therapy PractitionerTM, Kundalini Yoga Instructor (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) and ‘ Khalsa Way‘ Pregnancy Yoga Instructor/Coach. 

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